eteaket launches Europe’s first Whisky Barrel Aged Black Tea

Tomatin Barrel Aged Whisky Black Loose Leaf Tea

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Europe’s first barrel aged tea with eteaket’s Tomatin Whisky Black Tea. Rich in heritage, tradition and craftsmanship, whisky and tea are time-honoured beverages that have both forged strong identities throughout the years. Born in the early 15th and 16th centuries respectively, and recognised today

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Herbal infusions – favourites to try at our Concept Store

Herbal infusions are becoming many people’s tea of choice so we’re shining the spotlight on a few of our herbal and fruit infusion favourites. These guilt free brews come in such a variety of flavours. It’s no surprise many have replaced their caffeine habit with a herbal healer instead. Sea Buckthorn

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Top 5 problems of loose leaf tea

Tea Making Edinburgh

Top 5 problems of loose leaf tea – I hear the same 5 problems/excuses time and time again and, as it’s National Tea Day, I figured it was high time to set the record straight. So here are the top 5 problems of loose leaf tea. I set up eteaket

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Top 10 Products To Up Your Tea Game

Are you looking to hone in on your tea making and drinking skills? Then these top 10 products to up your tea game will bring you up to speed. 1.Perfect Tea Measure (£6.25): This double ended spoon has one end for a perfect cup and one end for a perfect pot. Meaning your

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Meet The Maker: Federica Designs

Our March Meet The Maker event brought us the very talented Federica Designs to our Tea Store. Edinburgh based Federica Vinella specialises in pyrography, linocut and illustration and has managed to reconfigure the concept of upcycling through her very distinguished artistic signature. Working on second hand materials such as reclaimed timbers,

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Crimes Against Tea

On Monday evening actor David Tennant committed a heinous crime against tea. The wicked act involved a microwave and an innocent breakfast tea bag. This isn’t the first time microwaved tea has come across our radar. Is it really shocking? Why does it warrant such attention? It’s easy enough to

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International Womens Day 2017

As proud members of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) since 2015, we get to be part of a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve sustainability, working conditions and equality in the tea industry. Particularly empowering and celebrating women’s involvement in the world of tea.  Projects such as Malawi Tea 2020 and

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2017 Tea Trends

2017 Tea Trends – what to expect? 2016 was quite the trendsetting year for tea, particularly for us here at eteaket. We launched our first concept eteaket Retail store in Edinburgh city centre. 111 Rose Street is home to our full range of Loose Leaf teas, tea bags and tea ware.

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4 tips to help you pack away those eye bags

Chillaxin' Chamomile

Have you ever given yourself a fright when you”ve looked in the mirror in the morning and seen massive bags under your eyes? The cause of these dark circles could have a number of different causes including the fact you might no longer be quite the spring chicken you once

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A Caffeine Kick to Feel Good About… New Jumpin’ Jackfruit & Almond Tea

Jumpin Jackfruit & Almond Black Loose Leaf Tea

We’re super excited about our new Limited Edition Jumpin’ Jackfruit & Almond tea blend. With black tea’s rich taste and green tea’s ever-increasing scientific research testifying to the health benefits, which do you choose? Well, here at eteaket we’ve got good news for all you tea fanatics as we just made the

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