Health-Tea: Get your Zzz’s!


For the last week of our Health-Tea Campaign we’re looking at resting!  Sleep is important anyway – let alone the week of a big run! The eteaket team have been ensuring plenty of rest this week for the Women Run Strong Dunkeld trail run this Sunday. Here are our favourite teas

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Health-Tea: Getting Run Ready

Tea Meets Strong

With the Women Run Strong Dunkeld race less than 10 days away  eteaket’s Angela and Erica are busy getting run ready for their 6k! Here’s how they’ve been getting themselves energised and prepped for the trial run on May the 15th.   eteaket’s Angela: “Starting at 6.30am I try and squeeze

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Getting Crea’TEA’ve!


 There’s so much more to tea than just the quintessential cuppa. We consider ourselves tea innovators and so do our lovely wholesale customers… Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen Tea Blending –  Foodstory got stuck in there with some tea blending with our teas.  The team have been experimenting with a variety of our tea

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Health-Tea: Iced Tea’s The Way


For Week 3 of the Health-Tea Campaign and getting yourself ready for Women Run Strong‘s next trail at Dunkeld, we’re looking at Iced Tea’s. If you’re looking for a refreshing way to cool down but without the sugary additives?  Iced Tea’s are the way to go.  The flavour options are endless, sweeten up

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Health-Tea: Go Green!

2 Pack Green

Green Tea has a brilliant reputation for being packed full of healthy goodness as well as being enjoyable!   Compared to Black and Oolong teas, freshly plucked tea leaves are allowed to wither followed by a quick steam or pan-fry to prevent any chance of further oxidation. This process preserves many

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Tea Meets Strong

Tea Meets Strong

As tea lovers, one question we keep asking ourselves is there must be a good reason as to why tea has been around so long! It’s the second most consumed drink on the planet (next to water) and for thousands of years ever since that tea leaf blew into the

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eteaket’s Limited Edition Blend…

Haggis Blend

After months of development in the eteaket lab we’re very excited to announce our latest innovative tea blend.  Sticking to our Scottish roots, we’d like to introduce our avid tea lovers to our ‘Haggis Blend‘.  This savoury premium black tea is inspired by the much loved national dish.  Blended with exquisite

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From Granny’s kitchen to the lab…


From Granny’s kitchen to the lab…eteaket leading the way in tea brewing technology. People have been brewing tea for hundreds of years – ever since the first leaf apparently fell into a Chinese Emperor’s cup in 2737 BC. However, the way we brew tea can be very different and can

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Easter Chocolate Tea Latte!

Easter Chocolate Tea Latte

Here’s how to add your very own eteaket twist to Easter this weekend! As if there isn’t enough Chocolate to be had…here’s our Chocolate Tea Latte that’s just the ticket to have a guilt-free chocolate fix! For one mug of our Chocolate Tea Latte: Brew 1 heaped teaspoon or perfect measure of our Chocolate

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Free Delivery is Here To Stay!


We’ve got some big plans coming up over the next few weeks and we decided to kick things off by making our online delivery option FREE for all standard UK deliveries! That’s right…free all the time! Now there is nothing holding you back between that beautiful bag of Silver Needle…or one

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