Working with Queen Margaret University

A wonderful piece about all the amazing work Queen Margaret University are doing. Scots universities are cream of the crop

Afternoon Tea with Edinburgh Sick Kids Foundation


As part of our Cuppas for Causes campaign we went down to the Sick Kids Foundation with Afternoon tea for the children, families and ‘a few’ of the staff. We headed to the Sick Kids Foundation loaded with a selection of sandwiches, scones with Jam and cream, fabulous cakes including chocolate brownies, colourful Angel cakeRead More…

Food and Drink Expo 2014

A great article about some amazing and exciting new companies: Food and Drink Expo 2014

eteaket Teas now available in Big Bags

Big Brew!

Love our eteaket teas but just can’t get enough of them? Fear not all our award winning loose leaf teas are now available in 250g Big Bags. Check out our whole range of award winning teas now.

London Coffee Festival

Sarah with an eteaket fan

I think we have finally recovered over the London Coffee Festival. We had a LOT of fun and it was great to meet so many amazing companies, not just from the coffee world. We got to mix with some rather lovely tea companies, the fab boys from Vita Cocoa,  the amazing Wonder Bars and our wonderful friendsRead More…

Spring teas


We have been busy little bees here at eteaket blending some fabulous new teas for Spring for you to enjoy. From gorgeous beautiful and delicious rosebuds to a cheeky fruity green tea we have something for every single one of you tea lovers!  Check out the whole range here.

Tea Leaf Reading at eteaket

The art of reading the tea leaves is something that we have joked about here at eteaket HQ quite a few times but now we had a chance to actually have a little glimpse into our futures. The fabulous Lauren Robertson was going to be holding a tea leaf reading class at eteaket and weRead More…

What goes on at eteaket?

A little insight to the going ons here at eteaket:

In interview with Erica and Sarah


Now we don’t get out much here at eteaket Central Brew which is why it was so lovely to chat to the fabulous Antony Akilade at the Herald Scotland. Read his wonderful article here.       

Tea Blending with Aberlour Children’s Charity


Our Cuppa’s for causes campaign has seen us working a little closer to home in march hosting a fabulous event with the children from the Aberlour children’s charity. Hayley and I had an amazing evening with the children visiting eteaket tea room to blend their very own teas. The children and staff got to blendRead More…