Herbal & Fruit Infusions

The master of disguise, herbal tea, is not actually a tea at all – sneaky. They tend to relax like of Chillaxin’ Chamomile, invigorate like our Cranberry Apple Riot and aid healing like our Perfect Peppermint.

Our infusions are made from 100% herbs and dried fruit and there are no artificial nasties in our infusions, they are just packed full of flavour. Not quite giving you one of your five a day but definitely giving you a helping hand!

  • Purple Rain Blue Tea Close-Up

    Purple Rain Blue Tea

    Earn 7 Reward Points
  • The Coveted Collection Tea Chest

    The Coveted Collection Tea Chest

    Earn 13 Reward Points
  • Isle Of Harris Gin Tea Close up

    Isle Of Harris Gin Tea


  • Sea Buckthorn Herb & Fruit Tea

    Sea Buckthorn Tea

  • Perfect Peppermint Tea

  • Chillaxin’ Chamomile Tea


  • Cranberry Apple Riot Tea

  • Lemon & Ginger

    Lemon & Ginger Tea

  • Strawberries & Cream Tea


  • Perfect Peppermint Tea Bags

  • Chillaxin Chamomile Tea Bags



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