Tea Cocktails

We love a cuppa here at eteaket HQ, and we love to be a bit more innovative with our tea which is how we came up with our gorgeous tea cocktails using our fabulous eteaket teas.

A tea-tastic twist on the Great British favourite.

    Royal Earl Grey Tea
    Tonic Water
    Lemon juice from ½ a lemon
    2 teaspoons Sugar syrup
    Lemon wheel to garnish

1.  Infuse the gin with Royal Earl Grey. Use 400Ml of Gin and add two teaspoons of Royal Earl Grey in a personal tea bag. Leave for 1-2 hours.
2.  To make the sugar syrup use 100ml of water with 3 teaspoons of sugar, heat until all the sugar is dissolved.
3.  Into a jar add 2 parts Gin, the lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of sugar syrup and shake.
4.  Pour the gin mix over ice and add 3 parts tonic. Garnish with a lemon wheel.


A 1920′s classic with oolong and vodka.

   Yellow Gold Oolong  Tea
    Juice of half a lime
    3x teaspoons of sugar
    Lime rind to garnish

1.  Brew a pot of Oriental Oolong tea, following brewing instructions, with 3 teaspoons of sugar and leave to cool for 1-2 hours.
2.   In a jar add ice, the juice of half a lime, and pop in the squeezed lime, 3 parts vodka, and 4 parts cooled tea and shake
3.   Pour over ice and add lime rind to garnish.


A spicy twist on a classic White Russian

Bollywood Dreams Chai
Semi Skimmed Milk
Condensed Milk

1. Brew a pot of double strength Bollywood Dreams Chai. Leave to cool.

2. In a pan heat 3 parts milk and two part condensed milk. Heat until the condensed milk is totally dissolved and leave to cool.

3. Fill a short glass with ice. Pour in 2 parts vodka and 2 parts Chai tea. For an extra twist add 1 part patron tequila.

4. Pour over 3 parts milk mix. Stir.



A sophisticated taste where China meet Mexico…

Blooming Marvellous
Agave Syrup
Lemon Juice
Salt & sugar mix
1. Brew a pot of Blooming Marvellous. Leave to cool for 1-2 hours.
2. In a jam jar add ice, 2 parts Blooming Marvellous and 1 part Tequila. Add half a teaspoon of Agave syrup and a generous squeeze of lemon.
3. Shake.
4. Add two shots of Rum (70ml). Shake.
5. Rim your cup with the sugar and salt blend. Pour in your cocktail. Garnish with a lemon wheel.


After all the cocktails, enjoy the perfect morning after drink based on the classic Bloody Mary with a Chilli Rooibos kick!

    Chilli Rooibos Tea
    3 very ripe vine tomatoes, chopped roughly
    Salt and Pepper
    Worcester Sauce

1.  Brew an extra strong pot of Chilli Rooibos tea using 2 teaspoons of Chilli Rooibos leaf tea.
2.  Put the tomatoes in a jar and muddle with the end of the rolling pin.
3.  Add to the tomatoes 35ml of vodka, 100ml chilli Rooibos tea and shake.
4.    Pour over ice, add salt, pepper and a couple of drops of Worcester sauce and a celery stick to garnish.

We would love to see your tea inspired concoctions, so send your photos to hello@eteaket.co.uk or for more information just drop us an email.

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