Introducing eteaket’s 7 Day Detox Collection


Don’t just stop at New Year, New Me.

At eteaket we say New Year, New Me – More Tea!

Ok, we are the first to admit that we’re partial to a mince pie and/or a slice of cake around Christmas (I mean, have you seen the cakes in our Tea Room?!), so when January hit we thought we better get our act together. With the help of our high quality healthy teas we have created the latest in our Tea Chest range, the 7 Day Detox collection. This collection includes 7 sachets of health benefits and joy in the form of tea! Inside this Tea Chest there is something for every tea fan and it also gives you the chance to try teas you may never have dreamed of trying. Take a look at the benefits of the teas included and then sprint to our Concept Store, Tea Room or grab yours online.

eteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Chest

  • Cranberry Apple Riot – This tea is one of our staff favourites. It’s a Fruit Infusion (which is caffeine free). The ingredients include apple, hibiscus blossom, elderberries, blueberries, cranberries and rosehip. These ingredients are said to be full of antioxidants with cranberries, elderberries and blueberries making the super foods list. All of these ingredients should help to boost your immune system (much needed at this time of year), lower your blood sugar (which aids with weight loss) and they are all high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed for growth, development and repair of all our body tissue. Our bodies cannot store Vitamin C so it is vitally important we have some everyday. Vitamin C also helps absorb iron which is especially important for women.

eteaket Cranberry Apple Riot Herbal Fruit Tea

  • Decaf Breakfast – Sometimes you just feel like a traditional brew. Here at eteaket we wouldn’t want to deprive you of that pleasure. Our decaffeinated breakfast tea has the full taste of our Breakfast Blend but with none of the caffeine. The leaves are decaffeinated naturally at origin whilst in the green leaf state so there is no nasty chemical processing. If your trying to cut down on your consumption of caffeine this year, this tea will help curb your cravings.


  • White Peony – White tea is a rare tea because it can only be hand picked during the first few days of spring and has to be handled with care. White tea contains the same types of antioxidants as green tea but it has a greater quantity of them. White tea is said to aid in weight loss, reduce your risk of cancer, lower your cholesterol and boosts your cardiovascular health. Nutritionist Lisa Guy says that white tea contains 5g less caffeine in it then green tea. We say, Hello health!

eteaket White Peony Tea

  • Perfect Peppermint – Peppermint is praised for its digestive qualities. Having a healthy tummy and a healthy gut means that the rest of your body doesn’t have to work so hard. It also means you can live your life with less pain and less bloating. Have this one after a meal and see the results for yourself!


  • Lemon and Ginger – Let’s face it – it’s cold at this time of year! With the cold comes bugs which are hard to avoided especially in a work environment. Lemon and Ginger can help sooth cold and flu symptoms as well as helping to settle stomachs and boost your immune system. Hit the re-set button with this tea.

eteaket Lemon and Ginger Herbal tea

  • Blueberry Rooibos – Rooibos or Red Bush is a caffeine free herbal tea which is found in South Africa. This tea is said to be an antioxidant power house. Rooibos is known for being great for your overall health and skin. At this time of year we start to see our skin loosing its spark due to the cold weather. Rooibos can help revive that glow we are all seeking – think Beyoncé! Combined with Blueberries which as mentioned above are a super food, this tea is sure to put that spring back into your step.


  • Gyokuro – Last on this list but always first in our eyes this green tea helps keep our team work-ready. As soon as we have a hint of a sniffle, Erica, eteaket’s founder, reminds us to drink a cup of this. In fact in traditional Asian medicine, Gyokuro is used to treat ailments and illnesses. Gyokuro, like most green teas, is high in the good stuff but this tea is also shade grown for the first three weeks of May, making it rich in chlorophyll – a powerful detoxifier. In our eyes, this sets it apart from the rest. This may become your tea of 2018.

Gyokuro Green Tea

While everything inside the box is a treat for your health, the box itself is a treat for the eyes…

eteaket collaborated with Edinburgh-based design company Andelad, to create this stylish tea chest. This unique design has some subtle Scottish touches on the outside – thistles leaves and stag antlers intertwined with tea ingredients – opening up to reveal a burst of colour, joy and excitement inside, just as with eteaket teas!

eteaket 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Chest Box

Our 7 Day Detox collection retails at £13.95. It can be bought in our Rose Street Concept Store, our Tea Room on Fredrick street or online at

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Happy Sipping,

The EteaketTeam xxx

p.s. If you’re aiming to supercharge your health and you’re not regularly drinking matcha…. seriously what are you thinking?

If you want to find out How to Make Matcha Tea <<click here>> to see our short video.

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Ohh and watch this space for more exciting matcha news shortly.


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