1:1 to thrive

1:1 To Thrive: A powerful combination of coaching, tea meditation, NLP, mindfulness, reiki and other techniques to help you regain control, peace of mind & your happiness!!

Are you ready to live your life without unhelpful beliefs holding you back?

Would you like to achieve something but are not quite sure how to make it happen?

Are you ready to invest in yourself to make the most of your one precious life?

Are you ready to change patterns that are limiting your success?

Would you like to have a guiding hand supporting you on your journey?

Are you ready to take consistent action towards your goals?

Erica Moore Wellbeing Mentor

What you can expect...

Thrive in 3 Coaching offers a deep holistic understanding of you and your motivations based on our Tea In Mind framework and the ancient 5 Elements. Using a range of techniques including coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and tea meditation, I empower you to rebalance, uncover deeper insights about yourself while supporting you to start truly thriving and enjoying your life.

Free yourself from unhelpful beliefs that are no longer serving you and learn tools and tea routines that will empower you to create lasting positive change so you can mold the life you want and start thriving.

After many years in business and practicing these techniques, let me help guide you to make your everyday better, whether it’s business, personal or both.

About Erica...

Hello! My name is Erica, and I empower small business leaders to thrive personally, love their life & fuel their professional growth, using my 3 step Tea In Mind system…

 ...and yes - unlike others - I "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk".

 For instance, over the last few years I'm proud to have:

 ️ Worked with clients like NatWest, Ballie Gifford, Pinsent Masons, Dynamic Earth, Mac Cosmetics and the NHS to empower their employees to calm their minds and start thriving.

️ Grown my company's ecommerce and wholesale tea business empowering tea drinkers to thrive in the 3 minutes it takes to brew their tea.

️ Been featured on BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC News, Channel 5 and many others…

️ Been a speaker at business and tea events as far afield as Japan.

️ Taught 1000s of people how to use habitual tea routines to boost their mental wellbeing & be present for more moments that matter. 

  How Can I Help You? 

 Simple... by teaching you how to use habitual tea routines to rebalance your life.


Get in touch to book a free 15 minute call to discover how a Thrive in 3 session can empower you to start living now…