2017 Tea Trends – what to expect?

2016 was quite the trendsetting year for tea, particularly for us here at eteaket. We launched our first concept eteaket Retail store in Edinburgh city centre. 111 Rose Street is home to our full range of Loose Leaf teas, tea bags and tea ware. Daily sampling on our Tea Syphons and weekly events, mean we’re always looking ahead at what’s new and exciting in the world of tea and bringing it to all our tea fans.

Tea really hasn’t changed that much in Britain for around 350years…however the last few years has seen a swift change in this. If you thought 2016’s matcha lattes, Tea cocktails and bubble tea was the height of the tea experience…then 2017 might just tip it.

Tea With Function – ok, all teas have a purpose (each to their own, I will drink it to solve pretty much any ailment, I have my mum to thank for that) but how about tea that can help keep you calm, invigorate and energise you, even boost your immune system.  In a health conscious world, we are expecting to get more than just a comforting hug from tea. The Future of Tea Report published by Teletys predicts us getting our medication, painkillers and antibiotics from the humble cuppa in the not so distant future.


Tea Blending – as you might have guessed so far, this isn’t going to be ‘just’ blending. Producers are now looking into ‘concept blends’. You’ll usually find blended together Assam and Ceylon, Sencha and Matcha, blending two different teas within the same types. However how about blending two very different types of tea from either end of the ‘type’ spectrum. Black and White teas, Green and Oolongs – these can produce some exciting complexities in flavours. Definitely one to look out for. Fancy trying it for yourself? Our Jumpin’ Jackfruit & Almond Limited Edition Blend of Black and Green tea is a joy for the senses!

Tea Meets science…Chemis-tea! – We consider ourselves tea innovators, so when it comes to getting a bit experimental with tea, it’s right up our street (brewing tea with lasers since 2016). Seems like it’s going to be taken a step further for 2017 – Nitrogen. Growing in popularity in the US Nitro Tea gets kegged, just like beer and you’d be mistaken by it’s appearance that it was a light beer too! But this delicious beverage is the next trend in the evolution of cold tea drinking. Cheers! Our MD will be glad  to hear that she can start playing with the Nitrogen again.

Image result for nitro tea


When we thought the tea world couldn’t get any more exciting – these predicted trends can only reflect that the love of great tea is on the rise, rekindled and so very very cool right now.