Discover 2020’s 3 Festive Flavours of Teas & Infusions! ?


With the festive season almost upon us we are very excited to announce our

Christmas 2020 limited edition tea blends!

Making a return is our much requested favourite Winter Baked Apple & Almond caffeine-free infusion.

Get ready for the subtle sweetness of apple, balanced with the delicate nuttiness of Almond pieces. This delicious combination is complimented by the warming tastes of cinnamon, orange blossom and chamomile flowers to name a few. This caffeine-free blend is sure to see you through the cooler months. Calming, delicious and moreish – we think you’re going to love it.

Whether you are curled up on your sofa, or out for a walk in the crisp air – a sip of this infusion is sure to satisfy… If a blend could be compared to a blanket wrapped around you, Winter Baked Apple & Almond would be it!

Chocolate Orange Pu’Erh 

We have been searching high and low for a truly special Chocolate tea – one so smooth and velvety that it wraps around your senses…  Just like the feeling we get when indulging in a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  Only, we have found our tea to match the feeling – which is pretty special indeed.


Chocolate Orange Pu'Erh Tea Leaves


Sip on this chocolaty brew whilst snuggled up by the fire with a blanket and a good book.  Or brave the elements and take a flask of this festive brew with you on-the-go.  Either way, we are pretty sure this tea will become our taste of the season.  A brew reminiscent of all the warmth and indulgence of Christmas – it’s certainly made it to the top of our list.

Pu’Erh tea is traditionally from Yunnan Province in China.  It is a unique, fermented tea with a rich, smooth taste.

Let’s Mull It Over

This deliciously warming Let’s Mull It Over herbal & fruit infusion has all the ingredients you’d expect from a truly festive brew.  If you like the taste or smell of mulled wine, then you are in for a treat because this guilt-free (& caffeine free) infusion is a match made in heaven for it!  To create ‘Let’s Mull it Over’, we have combined our famous Cranberry Apple Riot with a liberal sprinkling of apple bits, orange peel and cinnamon sticks, not to mention star anise and cloves for that essential hint of spice.

Let's Mull It Over Infusion Close-up

This brew has a distinctive festive taste with notes of aniseed when drunk on its own as a tea.  You can also create a strong brew of this and add it to your mulled wine concoction to make it even more delicious.  (We are definitely excited for that part).  Whether you choose to sip on it day or night, we feel that this winter limited edition will be a fun one indeed.

So you can be truly indulgent over the Festive period our team has put together a few recipes that make our Christmas Teas shine!





At eteaket we are determined to find joy this festive season, we hope are teas can help you a little a long the way. If you make any of the recipes tag us on socials so we can share.

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