5 Fun Ways to use Pumpkin Chai.

5 Fun Ways to use Pumpkin Chai.

Five fun ways to use Pumpkin Chai this Halloween.

It is the spookiest week of the year and we are very excited. Our Pumpkin Chai Black Tea has been flying off our shelves and if you have managed to get your hands on some firstly well done and secondly we are here to show you 5 fun ways you can use Pumpkin Chai at home, no tricks here.

1)Tea Latte

Our Pumpkin Chai Tea Lattes have been super popular in our Tearoom and Concept Store this year. They are so simple to make as well: Brew 1 tsp of Pumpkin Chai Tea in a mug of boiling water (3/4 fill). Steep for 5 minutes and remove leaves. Top with some hot frothed milk with a touch of honey to taste. Perfect to warm you up on the evening of Halloween.

2)Cold Brew

It can be hard to drink water at this time of year so add some spice to it! Infuse 2 teaspoons of Pumpkin Chai Tea in 500ml of cold water. Steep for 3 hours, remove leaves and enjoy with ice and a slice. Dissolve some honey if you like it sweet but we think your sweet enough.
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3)Hot Toddy

The ultimate Halloween cocktail. Brew some Pumpkin Chai for around 6 mins. Add a shot of Whisky (we love Tomatin Whisky) and a squeeze of honey. Stud a couple of fresh lemon slices with some cloves and enjoy.
eteaket Tomatin Whisky Tea

4) Pumpkin Cake

Take your favourite pumpkin cake recipe and steep Pumpkin Chai Tea in milk or butter as per the recipe. You can also grind the tea to a powder and add to the mixture for even more flavour. You will be everyone’s favourite.

5) Straight Up

You can`t beat a cuppa right? Find your favourite mug and brew for around 3 mins with boiling water. Put your feet up and enjoy a slice of pumpkin cake because Halloween really is all about treats.
Happy Halloween tea lovers,
eteaket xx