5 Hush, Hush Tips for National Quiet day


Shh. It’s National Quiet Day. I can hear what you’re thinking, quiet? Is there such a thing?  There seems to be noise everywhere these days. Whether it’s the constant ringing of phones, screaming of kids, constant chatter in your own head or the noise of information overload, this constant immersion in ‘noise’ can have detrimental effects on our health.

Noational Quiet Day

That’s one of the reasons we love tea so much. Just the simple act of making yourself a cuppa and sitting in peace enjoying it while savouring that happy, contented feeling really does work wonders. There’s a reason we’re addicted to tea. So, in honour of National Quiet Day, I’ve rounded up our top 5 ways to steal a few moments for yourself and sit in tranquillity.

1.  Meditation

It may be difficult to carve out an hour in your schedule to go to yoga class but meditation can be as short as five minutes. A great way to do it is to find a comfortable and quiet place at home or in the park. You don’t have to lie down but it helps! You can even meditate in your bed. I find YouTube videos with guided meditation or calming music very helpful! So sit back, clear your mind and enjoy the quiet.

running cold brew tea

2. Exercise 

Exercise is the perfect way to have some quiet time. Running is a great way to block out some noise and raise your endorphin levels. If running isn’t your cup of tea (no pun intended…) then try swimming, walking, cycling or yoga. Any exercise will allow you some ‘me’ time and your body will really thank you for it later. Don’t forget to take some pre-brewed cold brew tea with you to help you stay hydrated.

3. Curl up with a cuppa

Our favourite type of quiet time. Hunt down a quiet spot at home maybe with a ray of sunlight streaming in (perhaps too much to ask for in Scotland). Curl up with your favourite eteaket cuppa and take some deep breaths! Listen to a podcast, read your book or catch up on your favourite Netflix show. Tea, while giving you energy, also has calming qualities that is why we talk about #eteaketmoments so often. We truly believe that tea is a powerful relaxer and a great way to take a load of.

eteaket Strawberries and Cream Wimbledon

4. Reach for your book or magazine

This one was touched on above but if your book has been collecting dust it is definitely time for some quiet reading. Reading is a great way to relax and it is best to read with no noise around you. Just like a movie can help you zone out from the outside world so can a book and it is better for your eyes! If you have any great books you would like to recommend make sure to post them on our eteaket tea tribe facebook page. If you are not a member >>click here<< to join.

eteaket tea room Victor book

5. Start a daily gratitude journal

Jotting down what you are truly grateful for is a great way to spend a quiet moment. You will go on with your day feeling happier and calmer. Studies suggest that writing in your gratitude journal three times a week increases your happiness more than writing in it every day. So, take some pressure of yourself and take three moments a week for some ‘me time’. I would suggest a cup of eteakets Chocolate Abyss tea, it goes well with any quiet moment.

Let us know if you have put any of these into action. If you have some suggestions on how to spend some quiet time than let us know. Make sure to enjoy a #eteaketmoment.

Sophie xx

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