6 steps to end your workday so that you can DEPART without feeling guilty


Would you like to discover the 6 steps to take to end your workday so you can DEPART without feeling guilty? Most of us are well aware of the importance of a morning routine. Whether or not we religiously stick to it is another matter. However, do you realise how important a simple end of workday routine can be for your mental wellbeing, happiness, sleep and productivity?

With more of us now working at home, often at the kitchen table and with less separation between work and home life, it’s more important now than ever to set up an end of workday routine that works for you.

You’ll be pleased to hear, that we’ve created a 6 point plan to empower you properly DEPART so you can finish up your workday without feeling fear or guilt at not doing more.

So try these 6 steps every work day for the next week as your teany ritual and see if you notice a positive difference. Personally, I enjoy a black tea (currently Chocolate Abyss) to help me re-balance my mind and body when I start to feel overwhelmed (an imbalance in the Earth element). Chocolate Abyss has the added benefit of satisfying those sweet cravings that can arise from an imbalance in the Earth element.


  1. Disconnect

The first step is to disconnect from technology as much as possible. At the very least disconnect your email alerts and as many notifications as possible. Let people know what your boundaries are and make sure you stick to it. It’s so important to be as present as possible for your family and friends. No matter how much we try, multi-taking really isn’t very effective!

  1. Edit to do list

Update your to do list for the next day and plan your time. Batch similar tasks together where possible.

  1. Plan evening

Spend a little time getting a clear image in your head of how you would like your evening to pan out. Make that image come to life as much as possible using all your five senses. Especially take a little time to feel how you’d like to feel.

  1. Action points

Get super clear on your top 3 priorities that you’re going to action the next day come hell or high water. It might help to visualise yourself having achieved each task and the positive outcome then look back (inside your head) and get clear on what little steps you had to take to get there. It’s always easier to focus on the next step rather than the end result.

  1. Reflect (wins & lessons)

Reflect on what went well and not so well is vastly underrated. It’s so worth taking a little time to look back on your successes from that day. If some things didn’t go quite to plan, there’s often even more valuable lessons there to learn. Please ensure you do actually learn those lessons or else they will keep returning in bigger and bigger ways until the lesson has been learned!

  1. Tidy

Before you leave your work area, take a few moments to clear your desk and organise your paperwork. You’ll thank yourself for it when you walk into a calm space the next morning. If possible, it’s also wise to reserve 15 mins at the end of your day to clean out your inbox and ensure you’ve not overlooked anything critical. Personally, this is one I’m still working on!

If, like many people, you feel a sense of guilt or even fear at stopping work rather than pushing on and getting more done, then I recommend trying these 4 steps from Zen Habits. The first step is to be aware that you’re feeling that way in the first place, then pause and allow yourself to feel those feelings. Let those feelings simply pass on as you remind yourself that the best thing for you is to stop and properly rest so that you can take care of yourself and others and be more productive when you need to be. Then finally, let yourself feel a sense of calm and contentment as you choose to enjoy your well-deserved and much needed rest.

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