7 days to Mental Fitness – Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from this coming Monday (15th – 21st May 2023).  Promoting positive mental wellbeing and practicing self care to thrive is really important for us here at eteaket. We’ve put together a seven day free course to empower you to use our thrive in 3 tea routines this week to pause & rebalance. Discover the secrets to using habitual tea routines to become mentally fitter in just 3 minutes a day over 7 days so that you can feel more balanced and start thriving.



Course info

This short 7 Days to Mental Fitness course is designed for anyone who is fed up feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed running on autopilot trying to get through their endless to do list.

By the end of the course, you will have an understanding of how to:

#01 Use tea leaves with the Chinese 5 Elements to work in harmony with nature and yourself

#02 Incorporate you own bespoke Tea Routines into your daily life so that you can go from stressed & surviving to calm & thriving

#03 Understand how you can use tea leaves to take back control of your life so that you can feel free & happy

Every day for a week, you’ll discover another powerful Tea Routine to follow to empower you to increase your mental fitness and get more out of your day


Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mental Health Foundation has chosen this years theme of Anxiety – a common emotion most of us will be familiar with. They found as many as 6 in 10 adults feel inhibited by their anxiety. If you require further resource you can find ways to deal with anxiety by clicking here. 

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