A cuppa fit for royal-tea


In honour of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which commemorates 70 years of service we’ve crafted a bespoke tea menu! It’s been reported her Majesty’s Favourite tea is Earl Grey which she apparently enjoys with a splash of milk. Celebrate in the most royal of fashion with our Royal Earl Grey infused menu!

Cake Cappucino

What Royal Celebration would be complete without a slice of strawberry sponge and a cup of tea…Tea & Cake Cappuccino


Breakfast Blend

– Monin Strawberry Syrup

– Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder

– Milk


– Brew 1 tsp. of Breakfast Blend in 150ml of boiling

water for 3 minutes, add in 10ml of strawberry syrup

and fill your serving cup half way.

– Steam cappuccino milk to a thick froth and top

up the cup.

– Sprinkle on freeze dried Strawberry powder to serve.

Earl Grey & Tonic

To evoke a good old garden party… an Earl G&T! 


– 150ml Earl Grey Cold Brew

– 100ml Tonic Water

– lemon & rosemary sprig to garnish

– 10ml of Simple Syrup


– In a serving glass over ice add 150ml of Cold Brew Earl Grey

– Top with tonic water and splash of simple syrup.

– Garnish with fresh lemon and a sprig of rosemary to serve.


Following the nationwide competition to find the ‘Platinum Pudding’ to serve at the big Jubilee Lunch you can forgo the baking with eteaket’s chilled ice latte entry… 

Royal Platinum Pudding Iced Latte


– 175ml Cold Brew Royal Earl Grey

– 15ml Double Cream

– 20ml Caramel Syrup

– 125ml Milk (to make vegan omit cream and use plant based milk)


Combine the milk, cream and syrup.

– Top glass with ice and pour over milk mixture.

– Gently pour over 175ml of cold brew Royal Earl Grey.

– Garnish with cornflowers from the blend & serve right away.


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