Actively move from Water Element to Wood

Actively move from Water Element to Wood

Actively move from Water element to Wood supported by white tea

Can you believe it’s the end of March already! Discover how to remain balanced as we transition to Spring…. and, & if you’re a struggling entrepreneur, be the very first to get on the interest list for my new course!

Winter represents the Water element … the energy of night, when it’s dark and silent and we’re sleeping or dreaming. It’s a time of rest and recuperation, when animals hibernate and seeds in the cold wet soil are absorbing all the nutrients they’ll need when they’re strong enough to burst forth through the earth.


Water energy can be like the deep, powerful ocean and the unstoppable waves that relentlessly pound the shore. It can also be the gently flow of a river effortlessly flowing around obstacles in its path. It’s an incredibly strong but at the same time effortless force that just keeps on flowing in an endless cycle.

If Water is imbalanced, it can show up through fear, lack of trust and/or loneliness. If you’re anything like me you’ve perhaps been experiencing one or more of those symptoms recently? But now, like the little shoots of nature starting to burst forth with new life, we’re getting ready to gather up all the resources we’ve built up during Winter and move into action. It’s vital to look after ourselves at this critical point and maintain a balance both mentally and physically. Simple things like drinking more Water element white teas and doing a 3-minute breathing tea routine while your tea is brewing will really help.

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Power of Tea Routines

There’s an awful lot of uncertainty and worry in the world right now. Like an awful lot of business owners, the past 2 years has been incredibly challenging. I’m grateful to have been able to rely on my tea practice and our Tea In Mind system allowing me to go with the ebb and flow of nature, take comfort in the uncertainty, confront my fears so I can move past them. I’ve been using tea routines and the five elements to dream, plan, take action, be creative and be grateful.

Course for Female Entrepreneurs… coming soon!

After 13 years of running eteaket, and seeing so many entrepreneurs struggling with similar issues, I realised the big disconnect is in HOW you can work on your own mind first to liberate yourself from inhibiting behaviours to that you can start creating the profits you deserve while feeling balanced, fulfilled and present for more moments that matter.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally decided to start teaching our exact process for creating habitual tea routines for female entrepreneurs so that more people with important messages can realise their potential and find a lasting contentment.

This is going to be a small, intimate group that I’ll be launching in a few weeks. Probably limited to just 8 members.

To get on the interest list, so you’re notified as soon as we’re open, simply click the link below.

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