Tune in to the Earth element to guide us into Autumn

Tune in to the Earth element to guide us into Autumn

The Earth element governs late Summer and the transition from Summer to Autumn. It a time when the energy starts to settle and things begin to slow down. Perhaps you’re feeling a little less ambitious and less focused than usual. In early Autumn, we tend to move from light-hearted Summer activities to focus more on our responsibilities, perhaps even learning something new.


In nature, Earth is literally solid and settled. In Chinese medicine, Earth relates to a grounded and calm energy and nurturing in order to thrive later. A healthy Earth element allows us to be kind and generous and to feel contentment each day. We’re able to feel grounded and secure so we can nurture others and ourselves.


To support your spleen and stomach during this transitional Earth season, you may find it useful to drink black teas to support the Earth element combined with Green tea to help control it. The energy of organs tend to express itself most in its corresponding season so it makes sense to focus on rebalancing you Earth element to strengthen your stomach and spleen during this current seasonal transition (Late Summer to Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and Winter to Spring in the Southern).


A great tea routine to do while you’re waiting for your tea to brew this week is to do or plan something to look after yourself. Boost your Earth element by treating yourself as if you were your own child and do something kind for yourself every day. Give yourself permission to be nice to yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s essential. It may help to think of your Earth element as the soil of the earth. When earth is nourished well with plenty of water, sunlight and nutrients, it flourishes and thrives.

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