Balance Your Tea Choice to Star Sign

How to taste tea like a pro!

Sagittarius & Scorpio – Water

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The water signs are known as ‘The Sage’ – sensitive, intuitive & wise. Known by their friends for quick wit and self sufficiency. Water element’s tend to have calming energies and can easily observe and respond to their environments. Water element personalities should be wary of their stress response and reach out rather than inwards. When imbalances occur they can manifest in absent mindedness, fear and rigidity. 

Water Element Stress Response: internalise & isolate

Values: safety, security, mediating risks, authenticity, & freedom.

White Water Element Teas: White Peach, The Balanced Mind & Silver Needle

Drink Metal Element Teas To Rebalance: Purple Rain, Perfect Peppermint & Nettle and Petal



Aquarius & Pisces – Wood


Aquarius & Pisces align more closely with the Wood Element. They can be thought of  as ‘The Visionary’ – Driven, ambitious & focused. They can be perceived as strong, flexible and favour idealism. Imbalances within wood types can appear as quick to anger, stubborn even aggression. They should seek to prioritise rest and routine, they have incongruous personality characteristics pulled between a need for flight and adventure & calmness and routine. Wood types should strive for balance in both these aspects.   

Stress response: blame & accuse 

Values: empowerment, boundaries, truth, growth & vision.

Green Wood Element Teas: The Energised Mind, Dragonwell Delight & Gyokuro

Drink Water Element Teas To Rebalance: White Peony, Himalayan Spring & Silver Needle


Taurus & Gemini – Fire


‘The Lover’ – Vulnerable, empathetic & compassionate, The fire element signs exude creativity, passion & zest for life. When fire elements are experiencing stress & imbalance, their vulnerability can become destructive & cause confusion. Fire elements thrive in trusting relationships where they feel supported and safe. Their personalities pulls people in but they should focus on nurturing stability and trust in their interactions with loved ones.  

Stress response: panic

Values: love & affection, emotional stability, happiness, closeness and commitment.

Black Fire Element Teas: The Focused Mind, Orange Pekoe & Chocolate Abyss

Drink Wood Element Teas To Rebalance: Blooming Marvellous, Gunpowder Deluxe & Matcha



Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra – Earth


Earth signs are though of as The Mother’  – caring, contented, courageous and sentimental. Earth elements seek to nurture  and will tackle any task with compassion, and tenderness. When Earth types are imbalanced they can become co-dependent, wary and sef-negelectful whilst prioritising the needs of others. Earth types should be mindful of their own self care and nurturing their own needs their tendency to worry about other can be all consuming.

Stress response: worry & enable

Values: supported, nourished, grounded, mental clarity, being understood

Oolong Earth Element Teas: The Contented Mind, Milky Oolong & Yellow Gold Oolong.

Drink Fire Element Teas To Rebalance: Lapsang Souchong, Satemwa Malawi & Life’s A Peach



Leo & Virgo – Metal


‘The Alchemist’ – decisive, persistent, authoritative and perfectionists. Metal element signs are strong and dominant, they attack life with purpose and throve when completing goals. When metal types are experiencing stress and imbalances they can become self-critical. Grief & sadness is also closely linked with the metal element, the tendency to become isolated as they seek to detach from deep feelings of sorrow. 

Stress response: detached & aloof

Values: recognition, adequacy, completion, purpose.

Metal Infusion Element Teas: Big Red Rooibos, Sea Buckthorn & The Sleepy Mind

Drink Earth Element Teas To Rebalance: Big Red Robe & Orange Oolong Supreme