Discover how to thrive at home through simple design hacks

Interior Design Living Room Space By Carrie Cotton Design

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a live online masterclass with Carrie Cotton Design called Thrive At Home through simple design hacks.  Carrie is a brilliantly talented interior designer with over 14 years of experience. Carrie Cotton Designs She really helps her clients establish a clear direction for their

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Join our Tea in Mind course this National Learning Day.

tea in mind

Tea in Mind What is ‘tea in mind’? Tea in mind allows you to choose a tea based on your current emotion, alongside a concept of 3 minute tea routines empowering you to pause, re-balance and create a calming space for your mind… Our ‘tea in mind’ concept came to

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Introducing Oriental Beauty (oolong)

Grey textured porcelain gaiwan with two tasting cups in a gift box

Introducing Oriental Beauty (oolong) Tea Profile Type of Tea: Oolong Tea Country of Origin: Taiwan (Yunlin County) Dry Leaf Appearance: Twisted, with tip Liquor Appearance: Light Brown Flavour profile: Light Peach Blossom, sweet honey, fruity   Oriental Beauty Oriental Beauty (Dong Fang Mei Ren) is an Oolong Tea which is

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How to make a: Tropical Tease Spritz

eteaket Summer Tea Shop

Hello Summer! Edinburgh has experienced some lovely sunny days this week so we have been enjoying our new summer tea, Tropical Tease. Tropical Tease is a delicious medley of apple, pineapple, mango, papaya, lemongrass and matte (for a pick me up). It is light, bright and seriously addictive. We recently

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Life’s a Peach Cocktail: National Peach Day


Happy National Peach Day! Today is a very famous holiday, National Peach Day! We are celebrating by making ourselves a Life’s a Peach cocktail. Life’s a Peach is a black tea that tastes like a sweet summer day. If you are not a fan of black tea swap out Life’s

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Discover the 7 Steps to Tasting Tea: free online workshop

Do you fancy learning the 7 STEPS TO TASTING TEA & how to create your own tea routines so you can create a calming space for your mind? Then join Erica this Sunday for a free zoom workshop, 5-6pm. Secure your ticket now as spaces are limited! Sunday, Aug. 16th

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Travel the world of tea for £6.95/month (inc. UK delivery!)

Tea Journey Tea Subscription

Tea Journey is our brand new experience available as a monthly subscription or a gift subscription.   With travel restricted round the world at the moment, satisfy your wanderlust through a trio of teas every month  AND so much more.  Plus you can cancel anytime.   Tea Journey Includes: 3

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Eat Out to Help Out with eteaket

We are part of Eat Out to Help Out scheme running this August. Sure this August is not what we were all expecting (neither was this year!) but it doesn’t mean it cannot be a great one! The government have launched a scheme called, ‘eat out to help out’ which

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Recipe: Keep The Heid Scotch Mist Latte

Keep the Heid (Keep your Head) Try our Keep The Heid tea latte. Our newest tea blend has been developed in partnership with Scottish Water and makes a great tea latte. They asked for a tea that would highlight how great Scottish Water is. Have you ever travelled to a

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Make your own Keep The Heid Breakfast Cookies

The say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so set yourself up for the best start by making these Keep The Heid Breakfast Cookies using our new limited edition tea, specially blended for the lovely soft tap water of Scotland. While you’re waiting 3 mins for your

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