Make You Own Strawberries & Cream Milk

Strawberries & Cream Milk

As the days warm up we find ourselves wanting something a little cooler. Indulge without the guilt and enjoy a tea milkshake if you will! Here’s our recipe for a delicious Strawberries & Cream Milk. Gather 2 tsps of Strawberries and Cream fruit infusion 300ml Oat milk or your choice

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For the love of ‘Booch: interview with Left Field Kombucha

Leftfield Kombucha

The Kombucha craze is well and truly hitting the UK and as tea lovers, we’re loving this fermented tea. We’re excited to be able to bring you this interview with Left Field Kombucha ahead of our event with them on 22 May (National Kombucha Day). Pop along to our Concept

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21 Etiquette Rules to take Afternoon Tea like a Royal

eteaket Afternoon Tea Edinburgh Tea Room

To celebrate the launch of eteaket’s Limited Edition blend ‘Royal Bliss’ for the Royal Wedding coming up on 19 May, we’re sharing our 21 rules for taking Afternoon Tea like a Royal. 50% of the profits of this new blend will go to CHIVA (Children’s HIV Association), which is one

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We’ve ad enough of sugary drinks; brew up some cold brew tea for healthier kids

With obesity levels on the rise, try these top tea tips to encourage healthy habits for children Have you seen in the news recently celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has started a campaign to ban junk food advertisements on TV until after the 9 pm watershed. He is also encouraging the

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Shhh… want to know a Japanese Secret… GABA Oolong is here

GABA Oolong lifestyle

GABA Oolong is a new tea on the eteaket shelves. Haven’t heard of it? Well let us fill you in. What is GABA tea? The Japanese are to thank for the discovery of GABA. In particular DR. Tsushima Tojiro who in 1984 discovered that anaerobic conditions encourage the conversion of

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Top 5 kettles to make your tea sing

Sage Kettle eteaket review

There are few things more important than tea which makes the kettle you use to make your tea a key component of your ritual. A good kettle needs to be durable, have a strong and safe handle, be able to keep the rust away and heat water quickly and efficiently.

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April Challenge: start a daily ritual

eteaket Valentines Tea Shop

I’m a huge fan of Gary Keller’s The One Thing and I’ve been trying to adopt that to my work at eteaket but I’ve realised it applies to every area of life. As you know, it’s little daily habits that add up to life-changing practices. So, I challenge you to

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Let us put the spring in your step!

eteaket Cold Brew Concept Store

Welcome to Spring! With snow days, wild winds and crazy storms, this Winter seems to never end. But we’re not complaining – it’s been ideal tea drinking weather! However, as we at eteaket always find an excuse to drink tea, now we are dreaming of those crisp blue sky days

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Go Green for St Patrick’s Day: matcha cocktails

Shamrock Shake Matcha

I’m obsessed with everything to do with matcha at the moment and have been experimenting with some matcha recipes, which I’m pretty pleased with (I know, it’s a hard job!) So, I encourage you to go green for St Patrick’s Day with my top 3 matcha ‘cocktails’… there’s even a

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eteaket tea trip to Japan

Japan tea expo stand

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the Kyoto Infused with Tea Expo, 10-11 November 2017, having been specially invited by the Kyoto Prefectural Government in Japan. One of only a handful of companies invited from around the world, I’m chuffed that eteaket’s teas are proving hugely popular in

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