Blue Monday: Brews to Banish the Blues

& days to thrive carton set on a table with Gaiwan being used to pour tea

Blue Monday, often dubbed the gloomiest day of the year, doesn’t have to cast a shadow over your spirits. Instead of succumbing to the negativity, let’s embrace a more uplifting alternative: Brew Monday. This blog explores low to no-budget activities that not only soothe the soul but also transform this melancholic day into an opportunity for self-care and positivity.

Erica’s Communitea Wellness Space – Facebook Group

This is a welcoming space for anyone who is fed up feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed running on autopilot trying to get through their endless to do list.
We all know how important it is to stay physically fit and active but we sometimes forget or are ‘too busy’ to work on our mental fitness. That is why we’ve developed our Thrive in 3 concept to empower you to use your pause for tea to rebalance your mind and body by developing habitual Tea Routines so that you can start thriving.
By improving your mental fitness, you’re better able to respond to the demands of every day as well as more able to enjoy life. Join us as we share and grow together over the tea leaves.

Health in Mind Resources 

Health in Mind is one of Scotland’s best-known and trusted mental health charities. Since 1982, they’ve evolved in response to need and now promote positive mental health and wellbeing in local communities across Scotland. Their in-person and community support is available across Scotland and they have a wealth of resources available online that anyone can access.

Surviving to Thriving in 7 Days 

Discover a selection of seven teas created to be drunk alongside our free Surviving to Thriving Course that is sent out on purchase. The selection box includes 7 x 2.5g (approx) plastic-free leaf tea sachets and infusions. Welcome to Surviving to Thriving in 7 Days – where you will learn the power in pausing for tea with our thrive in 3 system.

  • Tips & Recommendations to develop your own tea routines to build mental fitness.
  • Discover the Five Elements so you can live in harmony with nature and yourself.
  • Expert Advice on how to pause for tea to rebalance & start thriving.

Thrive in 3 Mindful Moment

Engage in mindfulness exercises to centre yourself and aim to alleviate stress. Practice deep breathing, meditation, or yoga, all of which can be done at home or outdoors. Taking a few moments for yourself can make a significant difference in how you approach the day. Follow along with Erica’s Guided Tea Mediation, use our tea in mind map to select a tea from what you have at home.



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