Switch Blue Monday for Brew Monday


So today’s Brew Monday! It’s actually ‘Blue Monday’ but I think Brew Monday is way more helpful. Here’s why you should drink some Blue Tea on Blue Monday and rename it Brew Monday! If you prefer, you can watch our video at the bottom instead 🙂

What is Blue Monday?

To start with, Brew Monday is is an entirely made-up construct and even the guy who came up with it (Cliff Arnaud) apparently thinks it’s a dangerous self-fulfilling prophecy.

Every year, by this third Monday in January we are all meant to be cold, skint and feeling guilty about all our failed New year’s resolutions. Of course this year we’re also contending with another lockdown. So although we may legitimately have many reasons to feel down, we can’t pin this on one particular day. It’s also dangerous to trivialise the seriousness of mental health and wellbeing.

What steps can you take to help lift your mood?

While it’s true that we can often feel a little more ‘down’ during these darker, colder months, it’s also true that there are plenty of things we can do to help, including:

  • getting some natural sunlight
  • managing stress (find ways to relax even if it’s just a simple breathing exercise)
  • looking after yourself (get enough sleep, eat properly and ensure you’re getting enough water)
  • moving regularly
  • chatting about it (pick up the phone or write a letter to someone).

Brew herbal infusions to support the Metal Element

So if you’re feeling a little bit ‘blue’ today I recommend brewing some herbal infusions. The most appropriate one is obviously Purple Rain because it brews into an amazing blue colour thank to the butterfly pea flowers but any herbal infusion is good.

According to our Tea in Mind system and the ancient Chinese Five Elements theory, feelings of sadness can often show up as an imbalance within the metal element which relates to your lungs and large intestine. If there is an imbalance, you may find yourself craving more spicy foods than usual. By drinking herbal infusions you may be able to support that element and help to balance your emotions.

I also recommend drinking some black tea in moderation which apparently increases happiness levels because the fire element controls the metal element.

eteaket Purple Rain Blue Tea Loose Leaf

Tea Routine: go for a walk in daylight and try and be ‘in the moment’

So while your tea’s brewing today I suggest the following Tea Routine. Put your tea in a flask or keep cup and get outside in daylight even if it’s just for 5-minutes. When you’re out, try to stay present (become aware when you’re worrying about the past or feeling anxious about the future). Make an effort to notice the little details and really pay attention to what you see, hear, touch and taste.

If you’re most of a visual person, watch our Instagram video below. For more tips, advice and support with your mental health and wellbeing please check out the amazing charity Health in Mind or any of the organisations listed below.