A Caffeine Kick to Feel Good About… New Jumpin’ Jackfruit & Almond Tea

A Caffeine Kick to Feel Good About... New Jumpin' Jackfruit & Almond Tea

We’re super excited about our new Limited Edition Jumpin’ Jackfruit & Almond tea blend.

With black tea’s rich taste and green tea’s ever-increasing scientific research testifying to the health benefits, which do you choose?

Well, here at eteaket we’ve got good news for all you tea fanatics as we just made the decision

for you…introducing our new Jumpin Jackfruit and Almond Tea. This limited edition tea is a smooth

blend of both. The best black tea leaves have been expertly blended with good for you green tea leaves.

The result is a best of both tea with all that flavour we love.

But hey why stop there?

Tea is all about creativi-tea ? and if we can blend different tea leaves together we can we can surely add a new flavour or two. Enter the 80 pound fruit that has everyone talking. From South East Asia its the naturally sweet Jackfruit. Compliment that fruity flavour with almonds and you get a marzipan scent and taste you just can’t get enough of. So next time you can’t decide whether to indulge in a black tea or go green just have them both…and all in the same cup.

Now that’s a tea worth jumping for!

Donna x

Click here to get yours while stocks last… £7.95 for 100g (enough for about 40 pots).

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