Louise - Dodds

Wellness with eteaket & Louise Dodd’s from My Ayurveda Scotland

Wellness with eteaket & My Ayurveda Scotland This month we had the pleasure of learning about Ayurveda from Louise Dodds. Louise is one of the only Ayurvedic specialists in Scotland. Her talk was both life changing and mind blowing. We started with tea. This month we tasted, Lemon and Ginger,

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eteaket national fitness day walking

5 Ways to show your heart some love this National Heart Day

How often do you think about the health of your heart? Your heart is a hard worker. It pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system non-stop. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is the most common cause of death globally. In 2008, it apparently caused 30% of deaths worldwide. Our

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eteaket Tea National Fitness Day

8 Ways to increase your fitness this National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day has arrived and it’s a great excuse for many of us to get moving. For this blog we asked our TEAm to share with us how they like to get fit… enjoy. Fitness is something you can progressively build on and you can have fun along the

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Maternity Leave Extended for Assam Workers

Assam is a region in India where the tea for eteaket’s Breakfast Blend comes from. Assam tea is indeed a prized variety and widely enjoyed around the world. As a region, however, Assam struggles with widespread poverty and being able to provide people with basic healthcare. Recent positive developments in

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Save the planet, drink eteaket tea: eteaket’s big beach clean-up

Did you know that this month the Great British Beach Clean is happening around the country? We wanted to do our bit and help our oceans and beaches so we headed down to a beach local to Edinburgh: Portobello Beach. Armed with our gloves and bin bags we descended on the

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Erica from Eteaket

Turning over a new leaf: our story

We’ve been in the tea business since 2008 but did you know that back in the day eteaket’s Founder, Erica Moore, used to be a litigation lawyer. In what now appears to be something of a trend/exodus with female lawyers, she decided that life was too short to be doing

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International Womens Day 2017

As proud members of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) since 2015, we get to be part of a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve sustainability, working conditions and equality in the tea industry. Particularly empowering and celebrating women’s involvement in the world of tea.  Projects such as Malawi Tea 2020 and

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Hygge tea eteaket moment

How to Huggle: eteaket’s guide to Hygge

It can’t have escaped your attention that if you live in Britain, you really should have adopted the Danish concept of Hygge by now. I just can’t help myself. Tea is so synonymous with Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) that I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon. It’s a Danish

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Health-Tea: Getting Run Ready

With the Women Run Strong Dunkeld race less than 10 days away  eteaket’s Angela and Erica are busy getting run ready for their 6k! Here’s how they’ve been getting themselves energised and prepped for the trial run on May the 15th.   eteaket’s Angela: “Starting at 6.30am I try and squeeze

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Cuppas, Cocktails and plenty of Cake tasting…just another evening at eteaket.

Last week we held an evening at eteaket, our first of many quarterly events in order to celebrate our recent success with our new Cuppas For Causes initiative with Aberlour. The evening included a guest speaker and Tea-Cocktail Masterclass to which we invited along our local wholesale customers and fellow tea

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