Celebrate IWD 2022 with Malawi Satemwa


To commemorate International Women’s Day 2022 we wanted to highlight the fantastic work undertaken by tea gardens in tackling gender inequality. In turn to champion and bolster the women of the tea industry. We have sourced a delicious Satemwa Malawi BOP Black Tea that encapsulates just how innovative tea gardens are in investing in their communities.

Satemwa Tea Pluckers

Satemwa BOP Black Tea

Satemwa BOP is blend of Malawian tea varieties and produces a distinctive bright red liquor. The leaves have undergone only a short oxidization preserving the silvery tip and creating a unique flavour.

The resulting tea is a sweet, rounded cup with notes of olive. Delicious on its own or with added milk and sugar if you wish!

Satemwa Tea Factory


Satemwa Tea Estate

Satemwa Tea Factory resides in the rich and lush area of Shire Highlands of Malawai. Beyond creating high quality tea and coffee they have many programmes that are designed to raise the living standards of the surrounding communities.

Work towards gender equality on Satemwa in Malawi:

  • Satemwa was the first Fair Trade certified tea estate in Malawi and later obtained UTZ and Rainforest Alliance soon after that. To obtain these certifications strict gender equality systems need to be in place. They are audited by external agencies on a regular basis. Satemwa Malawi Alice
  • Satemwa was one of the first estates in Malawi employing women in tea. Women are represented  in all levels of jobs from tea pluckers, to field supervisors, from carpenters & electricians to the assistant factory manager.
  • Often in collaboration with  direct trade partners,  several female students are supported with their advanced studies & education through bursaries.
  • Satemwa undersigned the Gender Equality, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy from the Tea Association of MalawiSatemwa has a good working Women’s Welfare Committee (WWC) to ensure that all tea workers on Satemwa are aware of gender and sexual harassment issues and know where to report such cases.

Stemwa Malawi Breast feeding room

  • Great importance is placed to empower young mothers is that we have breast feeding rooms on the estate and also several nurseries supported by Satemwa.
  • The specialty tea & herbal department is mainly driven by highly motivated women. By crafting orthodox teas and quality herbals they try to diversify from the pure commodity trade. By crafting quality at better pricing we also create better quality and more sustainable jobs.

All images are courtesy of Anette Kay – Satemwa (Malawi) All rights reserved. Satemwa Facebook  Satemwa Instagram 

Satemwa Rolling Room Alice





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