Cheese Tea?! Has the world gone crazy?

Learn how to make Cheese Tea (video)

At eteaket we pride ourselves in not sticking to the status quo. We are innovative, adventurous and we dare to take risks. But when Erica came to us with ‘cheese tea’ we have to admit even we had doubts. After a tasting session, though, we can proudly tell you we have found a winner and never to doubt Erica. As the first company to be selling cheese tea in the UK we are excited to introduce you to this yummy treat. Let’s start from the beginning.

What is Cheese Tea?

Let’s start by explaining what it is not. It’s not a mug of hot tea sprinkled with a little grated, curdling cheddar. Rather it’s a delicious quality tea topped with a silky, delicious whipped cream cheese mix. And it is delicious hot or cold.

eteaket Cheese Tea

The history of Cheese Tea

Cheese Tea started in Taiwan about 5 years ago with people queuing for ages to get their cheesy fix. One café in Vietnam even named itself ‘Cheese Tea’. It has of course spread to America, mainly concentrated in New York and California, where #cheesemoustache is becoming an Instagram trend. At first, we were suspicious about following this trend but after many experiments we are thrilled to say Cheese Tea is now officially a thing in the UK.

We appreciate it can be quite hard to get your head around. Think of it like a lightly whipped, cheesecake flavoured milkshake… but nicer Cheese Tea is traditionally made using a base of tea like matcha, oolong, jasmine tea or black tea. Although it works well with a wide range of teas, our favourite is our Strawberries & Cream infusion which goes well with the creamy cheese. The flavours work together well with the saltiness of the cheese bringing out the floral notes in the tea.

Cheese Tea in the eteaket Tea Room

We have combined our Strawberries & Cream tea with the cheesy topping to create a decadent, indulgent treat. The combination will be served chilled. This is one trend that you must taste to fully appreciate its beauty. Thankfully, you can pop into eteaket’s Tea Room or Concept Store in central Edinburgh from Friday 22 June 2018 to get your free sample so you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself. It will also be on the Tea Room Limited Edition menu along with their brand new Tea Latte range (including their pink Chai Beetroot Latte, black Royal Earl Grey Charcoal Latte and orange Chilli Rooibos Turmeric Latte).


For ideal enjoyment, we suggest you sip your Cheese Tea at a 45 degree angle (like a pint of beer!) so the tea pours under the froth and you taste the tea and cheese froth together. This will also result in the best #cheesemoustache which let’s face it is what we all want.

#cheesemoustache eteaket  #cheesemoustache

Keeping up with eteaket

So what are you waiting for? Pop into eteaket from Friday the 22nd for a free sample of Cheese Tea and if you love it, treat yourself to a cup full! Don’t forget to tag us in your #cheesemoustache pictures, we love to see what you have all been up to!

To try making cheese tea at home, check out our ‘how to’ video >>how to make cheese tea<<

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Sophie xx

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