Christmas 2023 Recipes – Warming tea concoctions for cosy festive days

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As the Christmas season draws near, there’s no better time to indulge in the warmth and comfort of festive beverages. Here, we invite you on a journey to discover our latest collection of recipes specially curated for the 2023 Christmas season. Unveil the magic as we transform our tea-lightful festive tea blends into sensational warming drinks and mocktails, perfect for creating an ambiance of festive joy and cosiness. Join us as we explore delightful combinations, aromatic infusions, and creative concoctions that will elevate your Christmas gatherings, making this festive season a flavourful and memorable celebration. Dive into the world of our unique teas reimagined into heart warming sips that will surely add a touch of merriment and cheer to your festive days.


Orange Mistletea Mule


– 1tsp. of Small Batch Orange Mistletea infusion tea

– 1 tbl sp. of marmalade

– Juice of ½ lemon

– Ginger beer

– Pomegranate seeds & rosemary to garnish



Brew 1 tsp. of Orange Mistletea in 100ml of boiling water for 7 minutes, remove the leaves and allow to cool. In a cocktail shaker mix the cooled tea, lemon juice and marmalade add ice and vigorously shake for 15 seconds. Strain into your mixing glass over fresh ice. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and a spring of rosemary.

Makes 1.


Pearfectly Spiced Recipe

Pearfectly Spiced


– 1tsp. of Small Batch Pearfectly Spiced infusion tea

– Juice of 1 lemon

– 1tsp. of honey

– 75ml of cloudy apple juice

– Cinnamon stick to garnish



Cold brew pearfectly spiced by steeping in 100ml of cold water for minimum of 4 hours. In a pan or steam jug mix the cold brew Pearfectly Spiced with the remaining ingredients and heat until warm to touch. Decant into a serving cup and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Hansel & Greteal White Hot Choc

Hansel & Greteal Gingerbread Hot Chocolate


– 1 tsp. of Hansel & Greteal

– 3 kokoa collection white chocolate buttons or white chocolate powder.

– 100ml of milk of your choice



Brew 1tsp. of Hansel & Greteal for 5 minutes in 200ml of boiling water in your serving mug, then remove the leaves. Whilst your tea is steeping melt the kokao collection buttons into your milk and using a pan, microwave or steam wand heat the milk concoction until hot to touch. Top your mug with the hot chocolate and dust with dried ginger powder or top with whipped cream.

As the season of joy and togetherness approaches, may these delightful tea recipes infuse your  Christmas 2023 with moments with warmth and happiness. Whether you’re gathered with loved ones or enjoying a quiet evening, let these comforting concoctions be a part of your cherished traditions, creating beautiful memories that linger long after the festive season fades. Stay tuned for more festive inspirations and recipes to make your holidays truly extraordinary. Here’s to a season of warmth, laughter, and the simple pleasures found in a steaming cup of Christmas cheer. Happy brewing and a joyful festive season!

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