Cooking with tea


I had a great time on Castle FM on Friday chatting to Ricky Callan about tea and food. Tea is quickly becoming a very popular ingredient in a wide range of recipes – it adds a unique flavour, aroma and  texture to traditional recipes. Try left over Royal Earl Grey as a marinade for chicken or Oriental Oolong as a duck marinade and tenderiser. It not only makes the meat nice and moist but the flavour really adds something to your recipe. Any kind of jasmine tea (like Jasmine Chun Hao) works very well when added to rice dishes in place of water. Another tip is to grind tea leaves in a spice grinder or pepper mill and add to spices and herbs.

My favourite way to cook with tea though has to be baking, whether adding Chilli Rooibos to dark chocolate cakes or Blooming Marvellous to muffins.

When cooking with tea, you retain many of the antioxidant properties of the leaves so you get the associated health benefits too. Don’t forget that brewed tea leaves make excellent plant food too. Isn’t tea truly marvellous!