Corporate Thrive in 3 Program



Thrive in 3 Program

Make progress towards a professional goal in 6 weeks with eteaket's Thrive in 3 Program. This course provides tools  and strategies to master your mind and get more out of each day whilst progressing towards a goal. The program ties together the pause for eteaket tea with our tea in mind framework to remain on task, with a balanced mind. The course is delivered through a rangeof workshops, live webinars, a members-only FB support and accountability group as well as bonus 1:1 sessions.

Support is provided to members throughout. Whether you are a founder of your own business or a company that would like to implement a development program for your employees, the Thrive in 3 Program ties wellness together with progress. Get in touch to learn more.


7 Steps to Thrive - 3 hr online live intensive workshop

Learn the 7 Step 'Tea In Mind' framework to build a personal growth practice and thrive more each day. This intensive workshop is also a unique virtual team building activity. Tea Boxes which accompany the workshop can be sent to individual addresses, making it a great online workshop to empower individuals to improve their mental well-being and create lasting positive change.

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