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Welcome to Tea Club 

Welcome to tea club… Your monthly subscription box of decaf teas & infusions.

Cleanse & calm with your trio of monthly teas carefully selected to help you pause, rebalance & thrive.

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We have a passion for the power of proper leaf tea to make the everyday better through allowing people to connect and create moments.

With your Tea Club subscription, you’re going to explore our fantastic range of teas alongside delicious monthly recipes and our three step ‘tea in mind’ system for re-balancing and calming your mind. This will provide you with ‘tea routines’ each month to practice alongside tasting your teas. They aim to allow you to be more aware of the here & now – to help you live your life the way you want to.

Tea tasting notes, recipes & tea routines…

Month 1 Month 1


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Month 2

Tea tasting

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Month 3

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9 Steps to Tasting Tea

Appearance of the Dry Leaf

The appearance of the leaves can hint at quality. Larger leaves, uniform in colour with a crisp texture denotes a fine blend.

Brewing the perfect cup

When it comes to brewing time & temperature is key. Always use freshly drawn, freshly boiled water. Allow to cool to the perfect temperature – check your downloads for temp & time for each blend. 

Aroma of the wet leaf

Take natural breaths of the wet leaf aroma and observe if anything stands out to you. Perhaps you can place it in one of the main flavour categories that you’ll find in our flavour wheel below: Earthy & Savoury; Sweet & Fruity; Spicy; Marine & Mineral; or Vegetal & Floral.

Appearance of the liquor

You should generally be looking for a bright clear colour rather than a dull and murky brew.  A darker brew may indicate a fuller flavour and body.

Body of the liquor

To experience the best taste, take a deep breath and loudly slurp and roll the liquor over your tongue in a swishing motion.When it comes to body, we’re talking about the perception of viscosity… is it delicate and light like semi-skimmed milk, very full and think like full fat milk or somewhere in-between?Delicate—> Light—> Medium—> Full —> Very Full

Astringency of the liquor

Astringency is that puckering or drying sensation on your mouth after swallowing. It’s caused by the polyphenols in the tea mixing with your saliva. It’s useful to think of it as a scale.Smooth (very low)—>  Bright/Crisp (light to medium) —> Lively/Brisk (medium) —> Pungent (bold).

Finish of the liquor

Some aftertastes are simple, while others are complex and evolving.  Sometimes, the aftertaste is identical to the tea.  Sometimes, it’s completely different. Again, it can be helpful to think of it as a sliding scale:Airy/soft —> evaporating/quick —> juicy/mouthwatering —> lingering/aromatic —> drying/tannic

The flavour profile

It’s helpful to look at the different notes in the start (head notes), middle (body notes) and end (tail notes) of the taste. Try describing the flavour with the help of our flavour wheel What does each taste remind you of?

Effect on body & mind

Some people find that different teas affect them physically and mentally in different ways.  How do you feel?  Do they seem to energise you, soothe you or improve your focus?  Be aware and use these benefits to your advantage.

liquor-tasting-03-r Download Our Tea Flavour Wheel japan-2-tea-origin-700-395

Habit Tracker

‘tea in mind’ is a daily practice to empower you to pause, re-balance & create a calming space for the mind…

Download Habit Tracker

tea in mind

What is ‘tea in mind’?

Tea in mind allows you to choose a tea based on your current emotion, alongside a concept of 3 minute tea routines empowering you to pause, re-balance and create a calming space for your mind…

Our condensed ‘tea in mind’ map shows which emotions relate to each tea type, but be sure to download the full ‘tea in mind’ map below as a simple guide to your 3 minute tea routines!

Also, join our FREE ‘tea in mind’ course now to rebalance with our founder, Erica! 

Tea in mind map Tea-in-mind-map-condensed-web

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