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Take the leap – design your life on purpose.

Our mission at eteaket is to encourage each other to live life on purpose and pause for a moment with the help of whole leaf tea. I know only too well, the troubles that come with being stuck in the wrong lane and it’s quite scary to make the leap of faith into the zone that flows for you. I was lucky enough to meet Renee Turner in Jan 2019 shortly after she had made just such a leap. She jumped from being an oil & gas analyst to starting her own interior design business. She helped me redesign our Tea Room and I am forever grateful to her skills and knowledge as she saved me from just painting everything teal!

Tea Room Makeover After

Renee’s business has just turned 1 and is thriving so I’ve asked her to say a few words and to let you know about a Speed Design night we’ve got coming up in our Tea Room this month. Read on…

Renee Turner Interiors

It is quite a poignant time for me. My business, Renee Turner Interiors, is about to turn one and that milestone conjures up many wonderful thoughts and feelings. If you’d said to me 2 years ago that I’d have a successful interior design business, I would have questioned your statement. In the beginning, I had been told not to expect too much from the first year. It was all about laying the ground work and foundations. But here I am, nearing the end of that first year and have a steady stream of clients.

Living my life on purpose…

I haven’t always worked in the interior design industry. About 3 years ago I gave up working as an economist/analyst in the oil and gas industry. I had become senior and a specialist in various energy topics. However, when I became a mum and my priorities changed, the stress, pressure and difficulties associated with juggling both roles meant I no longer enjoyed my work. Once fundamental changes in the company I worked for started happening, I believed there must be more to life. I started blue sky thinking. I knew I was an entrepreneur and had a calling to work for myself. But I never regret my previous roles – the analytical, project management and commercial skills are invaluable in my interior design profession.

Changing lanes

It was actually my husband who made me realise that I should follow my creative talents; I was really good at being able to put together colour and furniture schemes. I investigated courses and found one that was perfect – it was online, was supported by a university and aimed at those who wanted to become a professional interior designer. I enjoyed it so much that I fast-tracked it by 2 months! I am so grateful to my husband for allowing and supporting me to follow my ambitions.


That brings me to my last point. I will always remember those who have supported me through my foundation year. There are so many people who have stood by me and are my cheerleaders if you will. Erica Moore is someone I will always thank for giving me my first commercial break. I met Erica at a networking event and was incredibly grateful when she approached me to update the eteaket Tea Room on Frederick Street. Since then, I have enjoyed working with some fantastic clients who have provided with some exciting design projects. It has been a lot of hard work, dedication and sleepless nights, but when you put your mind to it and focus on achieving your vision, there is no reason why it can’t be a success.

Speed Design Night – 12 Sept

We’re running an awesome Speed Design Night in our Tea Room on 12 Sept 6.30pm to 9pm. It’s with Renee Turner and other interior design extraordinaire Carrie Cotton. Tickets are £15 and include tea (or a tea cocktail :), nibbles and design advice. Click here to purchase tickets and for more info. 

Hope to see you there. Erica & Renee xx


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