Easter recipe: Chocolate Abyss Pear & Coconut Crumble

In preparation for Easter, try baking our simple Chocolate Abyss Pear & Coconut Crumble for a treat with a difference.

Perfect with a pot of Chocolate Abyss black tea, expertly blended with real chocolate chunks, cocoa bits and coconut flakes. This tea is beautifully sweet with a slightly nutty edge. What’s not to like?

Do give this recipe a try and send us your pics @eteaket #teainmind. Use this as an excuse to get some time to yourself this Easter. It’s important to take some time out to look after yourself. It’s not selfish and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. In fact, your loved ones will thank you for it as you’ll be calmer and more equipped to deal with everyday life.

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