Elevate your cup of tea with eteaket’s 5 steps to mindful drinking

Elevate your cup of tea with eteaket's 5 steps to mindful drinking

Want to elevate your cup of tea to a mindfulness session with immediate benefits for your mental health? Read on for our 5 steps to mindful drinking and watch our short video.

Mindfulness stems from Zen Buddhist meditation practices that have been commonplace for centuries throughout East Asia. Buddhist monks found drinking tea as part of their daily practice helped them stay alert and focused during their long meditations. Formal tea ceremonies are still practised today, particularly in countries like Japan and China, but the simple routine of making a cup of tea can help anyone to pause, re-balance and create a calming space for the mind.

With these 5 simple steps, you can easily elevate your  cup of tea to a mindfulness session.

tea in mind

  1. Be present

Did you know that the average dunk time for a tea bag in the UK is approximately 18 secs and even then we’re often still looking at our phones and not really present. But when you pause and really take time to be fully involved in the process of making a cup of tea, the whole experience becomes more meaningful and helps you to become centred. So, as you’re making your cup of tea today, really pay attention to what you’re doing and notice all the little details. Notice the sound the kettle makes as it boils, the aroma of the dry leaves, the feel of the steam as it rises to your face and the sight of the water changing colour.

Choose a tea to match your mood using our Tea in Mind system. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, perhaps try a black tea like Chocolate Abyss. Feeling a little bit down? Try an oolong tea like Orange Oolong Supreme. Feeling anxious? Try a fruit or herbal infusion like Purple Rain or Cranberry Apple Riot.

  1. Breathe

While the kettle is boiling do some box breathing (breathe in for account of 5, hold for 5, out for 5,hold for 5 and repeat). Then pay attention to the dry leaf noticing the forms, shapes and aromas. Also think about how your tea got in your hands. Think about where it was grown, the hard work that went into picking it, making it, shipping it, blending it and selling it. A lot of love and passion goes into those leaves.

eteaket Gyokuro green tea


  1. Brew

While your tea is brewing watch the tea leaves change colour and unfurl as they start to infuse. Keep breathing gently and do a body scan to observe any areas of tension and let your thoughts drift away as you bring your attention back to your tea and your breath.

  1. Sip

When your hot tea is ready to drink, set comfortably and hold your cup in both hands. Notice the warmth seeping into your hands and breathe deeply as you relax further. Be aware of how this makes you feel and pay attention to the colour, aroma and taste. Notice the warm steam is it touches your face, and notice what the taste reminds you of as you sip it slowly. Does the taste change after a while? Is it earthy, grassy, fruity or spicy? Between sips allow your body and mind to settle. Keep bringing your attention back to your breath as you slowly sip your tea.

  1. Grounding

When your tea is finished, gently bring yourself back to real life by doing a simple grounding exercise like stretching your arms above your head or stamping your feet on the ground. Now you are ready to get on with the rest of your day.

So, switch off your phone, pop the kettle on and really enjoy your cup of tea and some time to yourself. If you want to learn more about Tea in Mind take our free online course.

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