eteaket exhibition


We are delighted to have the fabulous Tessa Asquith-Lamb exhibiting her beautiful work at in our tea room.

Tessa says about the exhibition:

“I find Eteaket a lovely place in which to draw, and it is very special to me. My ideas for etchings begin in my small sketchbooks and grow into larger images over time, so thinking and drawing with excellent tea is ideal. Eteaket is also the place where my friend Raf and I worked on ‘Fox Gospel’, a collaborative project that involved me illustrating his poems and stories around fox legends. We would meet weekly in Eteaket to show each other what we’d done and work on new ideas. We had some of our first readings here as well. 

My etchings reflect my love of stories and storytelling, and help me record significant emotional moments like diary pages. Each image I create is assembled from drawings in my sketchbooks of beautiful things founds in museums, remembered moments, carefully observed self portraits, and objects from my collection of Victoriana and childhood treasures. 

Foxes usually accompany me through these images, leaping and running or walking watchfully at my side. These beautiful and wily creatures symbolise my inspiration and offer joyful encouragement.

My work is for all those people who live out stories in their imaginations.”

Pop in and see the work today.

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