eteaket Hits the Spot with New Packaging



eteaket new tea packaging design Our new retail packaging launches today and we’re a little bit in love. It’s a match made in heaven with turquoise and teal polka dots and vibrant colour coded labels to distinguish each tea.

Turquoise addiction

Founder, Erica Moore, is addicted to turquoise. She would be signed up for a turquoise self-help group if there was one. We’re talking full length turquoise coats, matched with head to toe turquoise outfits (and even sometimes matching accessories). When she started her tea business you can guess what colour the packaging was. Yep, turquoise (paired with some rather fetching doilies). Her addiction had gone too far and she tried to tone it down! eteaket went through a period of brown kraft bags and non-turquoise packaging. It was lovely but it just didn’t feel magic anymore.

Turquoise kept rearing its lovely head. The interior of eteaket’s tea room in Edinburgh was painted turquoise to make up for the fact that the packaging wasn’t. Erica even painted most of her house turquoise and bought a turquoise bed. So really this new packaging had to happen. Call it destiny.

Cherith Harrison design

Leaf tea bag cartons eteaket had fun working with Edinburgh based graphic designer Cherith Harrison to create the vibrant range of polka dot tubes, cartons and tea labels. The new packaging now fully reflects eteaket’s character and the high quality tea inside. Loose leaf tea now comes in recyclable cardboard tubes which keep the tea fresh for longer and the range of leaf tea bags are in recyclable cardboard cartons which really stand out on retail shelves.

We think there’s a reason why eteaket is synonymous with turquoise. According to colour therapists, if you are drawn to turquoise you are more likely to be friendly, happy and enjoy life. Turquoisists (yes, that’s a made up word) are creative and sensitive and seek to create emotional balance. Apparently turquoise recharges our spirits during periods of mental stress and fatigue and removes the feeling of loneliness. Looking at turquoise makes us feel calm and relaxed.

Calm and Unity

Especially at this crazy Brexit point in time  we need something to ground ourselves with more than ever. For us it’s tea every time. The fact it’s now in calming turquoise packaging is even better. Whether it’s a pot of Silver Needle in peace and quiet or sharing some Royal Earl Grey with friends, tea unites us all.

new tea packaging We at eteaket, in common with most similar businesses, are multicultural and global. Our team are from many countries including Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy and Spain. Our teas come from all over the world from places like China, India, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Our customers are from every corner of the earth and we love them all. Friday’s decision to leave the European Union is disheartening but we have no choice but to find a positive way forward and to continue tea’s tradition to bring people together. Perhaps we should take up gorilla knitting and cover more public spaces in turquoise to encourage more compassion and caring? Certainly by drinking tea, whether you’re for leaving it IN or OUT the bag, it’s likely to bring us together just that little bit more. Now, go and look at some turquoise.