eteaket launches with Brakes Scotland

eteaket launches with Brakes Scotland

We’re excited to be working with Brakes Scotland to connect more people through the joy of leaf tea.

We’re proud to have recently joined forces with Brakes Scotland. The partnership will see the distributor offer eight specialty teas in their range; which alongside traditional black, green and fruit flavours includes our Tomatin whisky tea. Taking inspiration from our Far Eastern counterparts, eteaket’s barrel aged tea is created using a blend of three black teas from Assam, Ceylon and Fujian and each has a unique ability to absorb flavours and aromas over time. To create the authentic whisky tea, the leaves are ‘aged’ in Tomatin’s own single malt whisky barrels to pick up the complex smoky, fruity aromas that elevate the flavour without overwhelming the tea leaves.

John McLintock, Operations Director for Brakes Scotland said, “We are proud to promote Scottish SME’s and liked eteaket’s quirky products. Our customers are constantly looking for something new to put on their menu and products such as, whisky tea does exactly that – it’s a new spin on a traditional hot beverage and we strongly believe our customers and their consumers will enjoy the range.”

Founder and Owner of eteaket, Erica Moore said, “We’re very proud to be working with Brakes Scotland to bring our quality whole leaf tea to a wide range of customers all over Scotland. It has been a pleasure working with the team and seeing how enthusiastic they are about our tea range. We’re excited about the opportunity to move our business forward to help more people connect through the joy of whole leaf tea and impressed with the effort Brakes Scotland have put into local sourcing and supporting the Scottish economy. It’s an exciting time for Scotland Food & Drink, we’re pleased to be part of it and look forward to a long, close working relationship with Brakes Scotland and their customers.”

If you serve tea in your business and are looking to elevate your offering and take your tea menu to the next level get in touch now. If you’re a Brakes Scotland customer just contact your rep to order or chat to us for more info. You can expect expert training guides and great offers on point of sale.


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