eteaket loyal-TEA Keep Cup

eteaket loyal-TEA Keep Cup

The mornings are definitely getting darker, and here at eteaket we are in desperate need of some motivation to get out of bed on these dark and dreary mornings!

So we are brightening your journey to work with our fantastic resuesable takeaway cup, the Keep cup. Not only do they look fantastic but are lightweight, environmentally friendly, dishwasher safe, microwaveable and splash proof. They also last 4 years! And for those of you braving these winter mornings and putting us all to shame by still exercising, they fit into bicycle bottle holders!

To sweeten the deal we are also holding a keep cup challenge, simply:

1. Buy one of our fantastic Keep cups: £9.99 and to say thanks we will fill it for free, (well we don’t want you leaving empty handed).

2. Everytime you use your Keep Cup we will give you 10% off your drinks purchase.

3. When you buy your Keep Cup we will enter you into our Keep Cup competitors board. Every time you use your Keep Cup you’ll get a tally on the competitors board.

The person with the most tallys at the end of November will win an Afternoon Tea for two!

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