What Is An eteaket Moment?

What Is An eteaket Moment?

The world is moving at an ever increasing pace and we’re ‘connected’ (online at least) now more than ever before. A recent study showed that the average person now spends more time on their phone and laptop than sleeping. It’s important to relearn how to just be. The resurgence of mindfulness and meditation shows just how much people are screaming out for access to the off switch.

Perhaps the answer at least in part lies in the simple pleasure of proper tea. Tea has been lubricating the social cogs of Britain for hundreds of years whether it’s sharing a pot with friends, the ritual of preparing a morning cuppa, filling awkward silences and happy moments and allowing you do fill the space when you just can’t find the right words.

With the recent emergence of tea in a spray can we feel it’s time to take a stand. We’re all about trying to create an exciting and modern British tea culture. Good, quality tea leaves. Not dusty old boring tea bags. We’re all about creating special eteaket moments. Whether that’s over your kitchen table, at your desk or in the middle of a field.

We’re also all about innovation and working with local people skilled in their crafts. So we’ve designed our very own unique vessel for drinking tea. It’s modern. It’s Scottish. It’s exciting. It opens up lots of potentially beautiful moments. It allows you to create your own personal ‘bubble’ wherever you are so you can block out the outside world, switch off from social media or properly connect with friends. So we named it the Bubble Cup.

Designed by eteaket and made by South Queensferry potter Ian Henderson, the unglazed clay steeping pot with cup lid allows you to enjoy your leaf tea anywhere. Ian commented: “I’m delighted to be able to collaborate with eteaket on producing the “bubble cup” as the concept of the product closely matches my interests in the kind of ceramics I already produce. I’m greatly influenced by Eastern pottery and the bubble cup fuses traditional oriental form with a modern contemporary twist to produce an object that hopefully enhances the tea drinker’s pleasure.”

Our newly designed tea towel is the perfect way to transport your Bubble Cup. Designed by eteaket’s very own Ella Christie, each tea towel comes with instructions on how to securely wrap your teaware using the ancient Japanese art of Furoshiki. No more plastic bags.

Another addition to our product range is their Tea Board, which helps to create your special moment at home or work. These special olive wood boards with natural antibacterial properties were created by local Italian Edinburgh artist Federica Lucia Vinella. Federica specializes in pyrography, linocut and illustration and has managed to reconfigure the concept of upcycling through her very distinguished artistic signature. Working on second hand materials such as reclaimed timbers, second hand furniture and recycled paper, she gives a new lease of life to what was destined to be discarded.

Federica’s work is vibrant, unique and imaginative, drawn by the very personal experience of merging the Scottish landscape with its dusky atmosphere, with the relaxed and stylish Italian attitude of her younger years.

Why not go the whole hog and burn our new bespoke eteaket Blooming Marvellous tea candle created by another local artist Laura Thomas. You can’t fail to chill out and reconnect with yourself after that.

The Bubble Cup and eteaket Moment Set are currently available exclusively on our website.