eteaket & Spiraltide Giveaway!


Would you like to win some fantastic prizes while going plastic free with us this month?

July is plastic free month! We are all about being plastic free at eteaket, why? Because we want to leave the planet in the best state possible for our children and grandchildren. We believe that small changes can lead to big results, which is why all of our retail packaging (including our teabags) are plastic free! We have replaced the pesky plastic with NatureFlex. You can read more about NatureFlex here.

What is being ‘plastic free’?

Our friend Avesha from Spiral Tide Pottery looked into what being ‘plastic free’ is really all about. According to The Marine Conservation Society, it means stopping or limiting your use of single use plastics. Single use plastics are things like, plastic bags, single use water bottles, plastic ear buds, plastic straws and plastic wrapping (over things like bananas in the supermarket).

We are starting to wake up to all the damage that we have done/are doing to our planet. Images of starving polar bears and oceans full of rubbish, force us to face the reality of our situation. We must make serious changes if we want to help our ecosystems survive and ditching the single use plastic is something that we can all do.


Summer giveaway!

To celebrate plastic free month and because we love collaborating with local independent people, we have a giveaway for you! We have joined forces with Avesha from Spiral Tide Pottery  to give you the chance to win four of our summer teas  & 2 Spiral Tide waveware mugs so that you can be reminded of summer all year round!

The giveaway closes on the 27th of July, click here to enter.


Good luck ,

eteaket & Spiral Tide Pottery xx