eteakets guide to White Tea

eteakets guide to White Tea

Our last edition of ‘eteaket’s guide to…’ was all about ‘Meet your Matcha‘ and this time we’ll get to know all about the rarest and most delicate type of tea, White Tea.

White Teas undergo the least processing, making them light and fresh in flavour.  New buds that are still covered in silver downy hairs are picked in early spring.  They’re picked before they contain chlorophyll, therefore don’t have the vegetal character associated with Green Tea.

Our varieties are a complex bunch and as delicate they might be, white teas make a refreshing cuppa!  The silvery appearance of the bud results in a pale, straw coloured liquor with a subtle natural sweetness and an abundance of natural properties such as high anti-oxidant levels.

Brewing the Perfect Cuppa: White teas should be brewed with water that’s off the boil at around 80c for 3 minutes before removing the leaves.  They’re best without milk and the leaves can be reinfused.


Silver Needle

The most famous of all the white teas, and for good reason! The delicate downy buds give a subtle but complex flavour with a hint of melon, fresh citrus notes and a lingering finish.  Forget silver, this tea deserves a gold medal!


White Peony

Our White Peony is made from the buds and leaves that remain after the more famous Silver Needle has been harvested.  This tea is a winner in its own right without stealing all the limelight!  The fresh and mellow brew has notes of melon and is very good for you!


White Peach

Our White Peach is one of our favourites and, like all White Tea, it’s high in antioxidants and low in caffeine.  Delicate Pai Mu Tan white tea i complemented by the light and fruity finish of peach.  This well-balanced tea is to be enjoyed by well-balanced individuals.



You can enjoy some of our beautiful White Teas with some lovely matching teaware too!