Ewe better believe it, it’s the Year of the Sheep!

Ewe better believe it

Chinese New Year is approaching and 2015 will be the Year of the Sheep. The Sheep is a passionate and adventurous creature and quick to get carried away with new and exciting things. According to Chinese astrology 2015 will be rich in positive emotions and intoxicating love affairs! Better yet, the Sheep is also the patron of creative professions – this is the year for people who love what they do and do what they love! This strikes a chord with us here at eteaket so we couldn’t be more excited.

We’re going to be celebrating in true Chinese style with tea. The Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated over fifteen days, with the ninth day seeing an offering of green tea to the Jade Emperor. We bet he’d be thrilled to receive a cup of our Dragonwell Delight, a superior bright green tea. Dragonwell Delight is a Pre-Qingming variety of Longjing tea, which is prized for its sweet taste in comparison to other green teas. This is due to the leaves being handpicked in the early season before the rains come and then being pan-roasted by hand. We say brew a teaspoon of this at 80 degrees for three minutes for optimum pleasure.

The colour red is deemed lucky in China and so is everywhere during the New Year festivities. What could be more apt, if green tea isn’t your thing, than some of our Big Red Rooibos? A divine combination of health and flavour, this rooibos tea is tart and smooth at the same time. Add a little milk and honey for an extra sweet treat.

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