Feel the Burn

Feel the Burn

Here at eteaket HQ we’re lovers of all things Scottish, and what could be more quintessentially Scottish than Burns Night? Whether you’re off to a ceilidh or celebrating at home, we don’t think your night will be complete without a scotch and tea cocktail in honour of one of Scotland’s favourite sons. Whilst it might sound blasphemous to some, it’s a mix of two of our favourite things and definitely warms the cockles on a cold January night!  Green tea and whisky is a classic cocktail in China but we’ve given it an eteaket make over, just for you.

Smokey Old Fashioned

We use Lapsang Souchong to make this cocktail; a gorgeous, smoky tea whose distinctive flavour is created by carefully withering the tea leaves over fragrant Chinese woods then drying them in bamboo baskets over burning pine. Brew a pot then leave to cool.

In a glass mix a brown sugar cube with a squeeze of lemon juice and then add 1 part cooled Lapsang Souchong. Mix until the sugar has dissolved and then add some ice.

Complete by pouring 2 parts whisky. Any will do but we find a creamy scotch with a peaty flavour works best with our tea. Garnish with lemon rind.

For a sweeter version of the classic try using our Life’s A Peach blend with a dash of some sweet vermouth – divine!