Health-Tea: Go Green!


Green Tea has a brilliant reputation for being packed full of healthy goodness as well as being enjoyable!  

Compared to Black and Oolong teas, freshly plucked tea leaves are allowed to wither followed by a quick steam or pan-fry to prevent any chance of further oxidation. This process preserves many of the natural properties of the leaves that gives Green Tea it’s renowned benefits. The leaves are then rolled to expose any moisture and dried over heat.  At the end of the process there is very little moisture left in the leaf and we’re left with a typically pale yellow-green liquor with a fresh light taste to enjoy!

The science bit: Teas antioxidants (the good stuff!) are known as flavanoids and are present in all teas as they derive from the same plant, however due to the least amount of oxidation Green Tea goes through it has higher concentrations of polyphenols that contain flavanoids (WebMD 2013)

Getting Run Ready With our Top 3 Greens: 

  • One of our bestsellers Blooming Marvellous is well, just that blooming marvellous! This lively blend will be sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. An invigorating, flavourful and fragrant cup this will refresh you and get you raring to go!


  • Not just for the hardcore Green Tea fans, our Mighty Matcha is crammed full of antioxidants and nutrients it can be drunk on it’s own, added to juices or smoothies or you can sprinkle it on your breakfast in the morning.


  • Go! Go! with Gyokuro! Dont be fooled by this delicate looking Green Tea, it’s packed to the brim with vitamin C and antioxidant power! A lively yet sweet cuppa that will get you ready for the day ahead!


eteaket’s top tip: For brewing Green Tea, it’s important to use water that is off the boil (around 80c) this ensures your lovely cuppa doesn’t have that bitter taste to it.

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