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Guest Blog: Energise with eteaket by Sarah from @strikesofluck.

We would like to welcome Sarah to the eteaket blog, who is an eteaket Brand Ambassador.  Recently she wrote a blog post about our tea ‘Energise with eteaket’ and even included some great tea inspired recipes.  Thank you Sarah!

Read the blog below and make sure to check our Sarah’s blog and Instagram (@strikesofluck):


This post is sponsored by eteaket, Leaf Tea Experts, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I first visited eteaket when I was studying abroad in 2016.  During that time, my friend Emily and I had a wonderful afternoon tea at the Tea Room.  The Concept Store is also one of my favourite places to pop in.  I’ve been working with eteaket for three months through the #eteaketambassador program.  For this, I post photographs, Instagram stories and blog posts in exchange for gifted merchandise every month.

Cheers to eteaket for a great three months!  I even have a 20% discount code for online orders.  Just enter strikesofluckfollower at checkout!

Cranberry and Apple Riot eteaket

Who doesn’t love “an absolute riot in a tea cup?”

Today on the blog, for my last official post as an #eteaketambassador, I created a fun way to hydrate with the Cranberry Apple Riot tea from the 7 Day Detox Collection.

Special thanks to Emily of Some Pretty Thing for the amazing photographs!

eteaket brand ambassador

I was gifted the Mighty Matcha tea and the 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Chest.  I’ve always loved the Cranberry Apple Riot, so I decided to create a fun way to hydrate with this tea!


eteaket’s wonderful description of the Cranberry Apple Riot:

“Our Cranberry Apple Riot fruit infusion is quite simply a superlative blend of cranberry and apple pieces that produces a riotous fruity taste!  The apple creates a beautifully sweet taste with the cranberry pieces adding a slightly tart finish. An absolute riot in a tea cup.”


So this blog post even has THREE recipes for the price of one!

I’ve included all of the recipes from the previous G&Tea cocktails (cute name courtesy of eteaket).  The new one from today is called the ‘Cranberry Cooler’.

The gorgeous box above was designed by Andy Johnston of Eido, a brand consultancy and graphic design firm based in Edinburgh.  I love all of the detail that eteaket includes on the website, including this great description of the box: “This unique design has some subtle Scottish touches on the outside – thistles leaves and stag antlers intertwined with tea ingredients – opening up to reveal a burst of colour, joy and excitement inside – just as with eteaket teas!”

The 7 Day Detox Collection Tea Chest includes these 7 teas to encourage an #eteaketmoment with calm thoughts and healthy intentions:

Blueberry Rooibos (for fruity flavours), Perfect Peppermint (for prepping your palate), Lemon & Ginger (for scaring away those winter colds), Cranberry Apple Riot (my personal favorite), Decaffeinated Breakfast Blend (for a tasty cup without caffeine), Gyokuro (for eteaket’s favourite green tea), White Peony (for good vibes)

eteaket - Brand- Ambassador

Recipe time!

For your ideal Cranberry Cooler (per person), you’ll need 1 tsp of Cranberry Apple Riot tea.  eteaket says that for any fruit, herbal, or rooibos tea, you must also have 300 ml of water, heated to 100°C.  Steep your Cranberry Apple Riot for 5-7 minutes, and then comes the creative part.  Add a handful of dried cranberries (any brand you like), a splash of agave nectar (or your sweetener of choice), and a few ice cubes for that perfect water bottle drink.

Once you’ve poured your Cranberry Cooler into your favourite water bottle, have a fun and hydrating day at school, work, or wherever you adventure!


As promised, here are the two other recipes for the G&Tea cocktails from my Thoughts on Three post (inspired by Good Housekeeping and adapted by Lexie and Finn, @finnfoxterrier:

Highland Tea: 1/2 cup brewed eteaket Winter Baked Apple & Almond tea (could be substituted for any fruit infusion/tea).  150 ml Edinburgh Gin & Tonic from the can, add 15 ml lemon juice.  Finally, garnish with lemon peel and serve hot.

eteaket brand ambassador stikes of luck

Ladies Who Lunch: 1/2 cup brewed eteaket Royal Earl Grey tea.  150 ml Edinburgh Gin & Tonic from the can, add a dash of lemon juice, a dash of elderflower liquor (not used in this recipe, but advised by Good Housekeeping).  Finally, garnish with lemon peel and serve hot.

Happy tea time from Strikes of Luck and eteaket xx






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