Happy Chinese New Year To All The Cheeky Monkeys!

February the 8th welcomes in the Chinese New Year, and for 2016 it’s the year of the Monkey – read all you need to know about it here!


We have plenty of traditional Chinese teas available as well as brewing equipment in order to celebrate the festivities in style!


Jasmine Chun Hao Green Tea


Originating from Fujian Province our Jasmine Chun Hao tea is special. Delicious green tea is layered with fresh jasmine blossoms night after night until the leaves are left with the perfect aroma of jasmine. It has a soothing natural aroma that is great for cleansing the palate and aiding digestion.


Dragonwell Delight,  originating from West Lake, Longjing

Dragonwell Delight

Our Dragonwell Delight is a superior bright and light green tea. The high quality pan roasted green tea is hand picked delivering exquisite earthy green notes. This premium tea is pan roasted by hand to create a less earthy sweeter note than other methods. This Pre-Qingming variety is picked in the ten day window of the premium early season before the rains – hence it’s exquisite taste!


If green tea is not your thing, then what about a fabulous Chinese Oolong?


Originating from Fujian Province, this traditional Chinese tea is made by unique processes that create a semi oxidised tea sitting between a black and green tea. Our Yellow Gold Oolong is hand-rolled and when steeped in hot water the leaves open  to create a complex mix of sweetness and tanginess topped off with notes of fresh grass. There is a deep earthy note to this tea that is truly unique and refreshing.


And of course – the colour red symbolizes good fortune and joy and what perfect way to brew your Chinese tea than in lovely red accessories.





Happy New Year everyone!


eteaket x



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