Health-Tea: Getting Run Ready


With the Women Run Strong Dunkeld race less than 10 days away  eteaket’s Angela and Erica are busy getting run ready for their 6k! Here’s how they’ve been getting themselves energised and prepped for the trial run on May the 15th.


eteaket’s Angela: “Starting at 6.30am I try and squeeze in a light run for around 30 minutes most mornings with my dog Murphy ( my pacemaker!) before I head in to work.  My favourite run at the moment is the old railway path along the Water of Leith.  I find it very invigorating and gets me ready for the day ahead.  I’ll then have a good breakfast with some Blooming Marvellous, It’s my refreshing drink of choice (after I catch my breath!) . I can’t wait to run the 6k at Dunkeld, thinking of that glass of bubbly and massage at the end will definitely keep me going!”

murphy on run1

eteaket’s Erica: “I am fueled by tea (just as well it’s very hydrating). Breakfast Blend to get me going in the morning – I run along Portobello prom to my kid’s school (cause I’m perpetually running late) with baby in the buggy and the other one on a scooter then run back home to get some work done. That’s a good 30mins and is the main reason I get any exercise. Having signed up for the Women Run Strong run in Dunkeld and from chatting to Avril (who is very inspiring) I’m now getting out and doing some runs. I’m motivated by being able to run at Dunkeld, eat jelly babies, drink Prosecco and of course have some lovely tea afterwards. I have lots of Cranberry Apple Riot tea (hot or iced) when I’m finished running as it’s so refreshing and caffeine free.”


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