How to boost your workout with a cup of tea

How to boost your workout with a cup of tea
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Find out how to stay hydrated with some cold brew tea next time you’re working out. We all know exercise is a good thing – it helps keep us healthy, boosts energy and happiness levels, can improve sleep, and generally helps us look and feel better. But what we often forget when we’re pounding the pavements or rushing to the gym, is how important it is to keep hydrated when working out.

Nearly two thirds of the human body are made up of water – it is essential to every body function – so staying well hydrated makes sense. Our bodies lose water constantly throughout the day – we even lose water through breathing –  so getting into the habit of replacing those lost fluids helps our minds and bodies keep on top of all our busy lives demand of them!

Making sure you drink enough will also improve the quality of your workout, keeping muscles strong and energised, and able to perform at their best, which allows you to get the most out of your exercise time. Staying hydrated while exercising also helps your body recover more quickly after your workout, which can only be a good thing.


Personal trainer Monty Simmons (, who has a regular roster of celebrity clients, explains, ‘When you work out, you become dehydrated through a number of normal physiological responses, perspiration being one of them.’

‘It’s important to keep hydrated through your workouts to keep performance levels up and for comfort whilst training.’

Reaching for a healthy cold brew tea (the cold brewing process brews the tea leaves slowly for maximum flavour and natural benefits) during a gym session will help keep you hydrated and offers a delicious alternative to plain water. Our Sea Buckthorn fruit infusion makes a delicious Cold Brew, is healthy and easy to make: simply mix it up in advance in one of our Hario Cold Brew Bottles, store it in the fridge, and you’ve got a refreshing drink to grab and go whenever you need it. Click here for simple instructions.

cold brew bottle Monty says, ‘I like to sip at my cold brew throughout my workout. Don’t drink excessively, you don’t want too much liquid to slosh around in your stomach whilst your train.’

Don’t forget to keep topping up hydration levels after exercising. ‘I make sure I drink at least as much water as I’ve lost after my workout,’ Monty explains ‘I don’t drink it all in one go, over the space of an hour suits me nicely. I then keep hydrated through the rest of my day. It’s paramount for mental and physical performance.’

We’re all for making exercise sessions as pleasant as possible, so next time we’re taking along our Cold Brew too!

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