How to create a daily tea routine.


What is your daily tea routine?

As the long summer days come to an end and the days start getting colder, it is a great time to start focusing on you! With the darker nights upon us, it is time to curl up and do some inner soul searching. We are always encouraging our tea tribe to live life on purpose rather than by accident and to take 5 minutes to yourself. This blog is all about how to create a daily tea routine which can help you re-center yourself, relax and live life on purpose. It has some useful tools and websites that can help you complete an inner audit and 5 different cups that will make up your daily tea routine.


Cup 1: Morning Cup

Your morning cup is the most personal cup of the day. You might have a spot you normally drink this in, make sure it is as peaceful as possible. I enjoyed my morning cup in bed. This is a great time to full in your gratitude journal and set your intentions for the day. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve today? what will you do for yourself today? what will you do for others day? It could be a good idea to stay away from your phone in the morning, it is great to avoid emails or social media notifications for the duration of your cup but if you are someone who likes to do things digitally we would suggest the app, Strides.

Teas that are great in the morning: Breakfast Blend, Blooming Marvelous, Royal Earl Grey or our Limited Edition Pumpkin Chai.



Cup 2: Fear Cup

I was once given a piece of advice which I have always carried with me, do something scary everyday. It may not be pleasant but we cannot grow without pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. It is important to acknowledge your fear, shift your awareness, move your attention, let it go and do that one thing! Maybe the one thing is to ask for the pay rise you deserve or to sign up to a course which you have wanted to do for ages. It could be as small as talking to someone you have been avoiding, whatever it is, face it head on and then spend a moment being proud of yourself. The fear cup, gives you five minutes to think about what you are afraid of and make a plan to face it.

I found this article helpful called, what am I so scared of?

Recommended teas: Chillaxin` Chamomile, Limited Edition Nettle & Petal, Yellow Gold oolong.

eteaket Blueberry Rooibos tea

Cup 3: Self Care Cup

15 minutes of mindfully brewing & enjoying your tea or  you could go for a run/walk outside with some cold brew tea. Take 15 minutes for you and only you. Try to de-clutter your brain and focus on how your mind and body feel. We find the app, headspace really helpful. Relax and re-set so you can take on the rest of the day.

Recommended self care teas: Pick your favorite tea, one that makes you feel great.

eteaket Tea National Fitness Day


Cup 4: Connection Cup

Connect over a cuppa. Have a tea with your colleagues, get creative with tea lattes or enjoy tea cocktails or mocktails with friends once a week. Once a month we host, Woman in Networking Edinburgh in our Tea Room and serve tea & tea cocktails to everyone who comes along. It is literally connecting with a cup of tea in hand! If you are catching up with a friend, share a pot of tea. Their is something really special about sharing a pot with someone you care about. It allows you to take a moment to appreciate those special moments in life, that are full of laughter, love and of course tea.

Recommended teas: Gunpowder Deluxe, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Tea, Second Flush Darjeeling.

eteaket Afternoon Tea

Cup 5: Gratitude Cup

What are you grateful for? what went well? what could have gone better & why? Ask yourself these three questions at the end of the day and write down your answers over a calming cuppa. Test it for a month and see if you have a more restful nights sleep and if you find your happiness levels increase. Then rest and repeat your daily tea routine tomorrow. If you like to practice gratitude digitally we could suggest the app, Grateful.

Recommended teas: Limited Edition Rhubarb Rocks, Limited Edition Purple Rain Blue Tea or Blueberry Rooibos.

eteaket Gyokuro green tea

Your daily tea routine

Make your daily tea routine work for you and let us know how you get on. Make sure you are following us on social media (@eteaket) and that you are a member of our Tea Tribe group on Facebook.

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