How to Huggle: eteaket’s guide to Hygge

How to Huggle: eteaket's guide to Hygge

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It can’t have escaped your attention that if you live in Britain, you really should have adopted the Danish concept of Hygge by now. I just can’t help myself. Tea is so synonymous with Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) that I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon. It’s a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine enjoyment in making life’s simple, everyday pleasures more meaningful or special. Apparently the word can be loosely traced back to the English word ‘hug’.

Nothing sets the scene better than cosying up with a steaming pot of your favourite tea (Blooming Marvellous green tea in my case), lighting a candle or ten, pulling up exquisite cashmere socks and wrapping yourself in a gorgeous herringbone blanket. Leave your phone in another room and have a little moment to yourself. The simple things in life really are the best. Pull your loved ones close and breathe in the memory. The current hype around Hygge serves to remind us to be authentic and present in the moment. It’s a chance to ignore technology and the constant busyness of life and to make the ordinary into a moment to be treasured. We really don’t get a second chance. This is it… we might as well appreciate it.

The Danes are experts at incorporating hygge into everyday life, whether it’s simple meals, being in nature or visiting friends. I think they’re onto something. Whatever your thing, whether it’s a cup of proper tea, the simple act of lighting a candle or arranging fresh flowers (or all of the above) it makes a massive difference to your soul on these cold dark days. Who knew the depths of winter could be so special.

Some people have argued that us Brits already have our own version of hygge – roaring fire in the country pub surrounded with a bunch of friends, home-cooked family meals shared around the kitchen table. However, I think we do need a little help. Especially given that we’re apparently spending more time a day on social media than we do sleeping. With the overuse of technology I think we’re increasingly shut off and isolated from other people. Mobile phones are defiantly unhygge.

Judith Woods in The Daily Telegraph recently ran a great article suggesting that readers adopt a “bracingly British” version of the trend – brygge. 60 watt lightbulbs, a takeaway curry and a good old argument about Politics or football….I’m not averse to the odd curry now and then but I’m reaping the benefits of turning things down a notch and kicking back with my candles and pot of  Silver Needle.

Actually, I suspect my 2 year old may have cracked it. She has her own word “huggle” which I think is just perfect. So go on, let your guard down, turn up the heat, light those sodding candles, brew a pot of your favourite tea and huggle with your loved ones. What the heck, I’m even going to string up some pom pom fairy lights…

Oh and watch out for the influx of “lagom” (a Swedish word meaning lack of excess) due to hit our beautifully manufactured shores in 2017.  At least it’s easier to pronounce.

Erica xxx


Here are eteaket’s suggestions for creating your perfect Huggle (or Hygge) moment at home.





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