I’m my biggest fan!

I'm my biggest fan!

Don’t forget the most important Valentine ’s Day gift this year – yours! We don’t care whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day loved up or alone, we think you’re great and always deserving of a treat. And what a range of treats we have in store for you!

Our range of loose leaf blends runs from the fruity and sweet to the sumptuously smoky and there’s definitely something for everyone. One of our favourites, however, is our White Peach tea, with its light fruity notes and high levels of antioxidants – good for the body and soul! It’s particularly wonderful when sipped with a generous measure of champagne.

Just brew a pot o our White Peach tea and leave to cool, then add to a champagne flute and pour over with some bubbly. Garnish with a peach slice. This is definitely too good to share; treating yourself has never tasted so good!

For more ideas check out our Valentines Shop.

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