Introducing Hansel & Greteal Gingerbread Tea


Hansel & Greteal Christmas Tea is our brand-new creation for 2022!

Hansel & Greteal Christmas Tea is our brand-new creation especially for you this Christmas. We’ve crafted this warming Gingerbread flavoured black tea with caramel and forest berry highlights. Take a trip through the classic Christmas fable and delight in the irresistible yuletide flavours. Built on a base of premium Sri Lankan Black Tea and a little bit of Indian Assam this festive blend features Ginger, Cocoa Shells, Cloves, Blackberry Leaves and Safflower for a truly festive delight.

It is delicious drunk black; it can also be paired with milk in or in a tea latte or hot chocolate – checkout our Hansel & Greteal Recipe below for ideas!


H&G Hot Chocolate Recipe.



  • Brew 2 tsp. of Hansel & Greteal in 300ml of boiling water and steep for 5 minutes, then discard the leaves.
  • Combine your cocoa powder, condensed milk and regular milk and heat in a pan or with a steam wand.
  • Fill 2 mugs 50% with the brewed tea, then top with the warm chocolate milk concoction, a good dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon.

Hansel & Greteal Cocktail


Hansel & Greteal Hot Buttered Rum 

Makes 2 


100ml of spiced rum | Substitute 100ml of cloudy apple juice to create a mocktail

20g of unsalted butter 

30g dark brown sugar 

Orange bitters 

1 orange 

Hansel & Greteal loose leaf tea 


Brew 2 tsp. of Hansel & Greteal in 300ml of freshly boiled water and leave for 5 minutes for an intense infusion. Meanwhile mix the sugar and butter in small pan and over medium heat allow to melt and combine and remove from heat.  

For garnish remove the rind of the orange with a pairing knife or canal cutter and twist around a straw to create a garnish.  

Juice the orange and add 20ml to the pan alongside a splash of orange bitters, the rum, and strained tea and stir. Divide into 2 serving glasses and garnish with orange zest.  

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