Introducing Oriental Beauty (oolong)

Introducing Oriental Beauty (oolong)

Introducing Oriental Beauty (oolong)

Tea Profile

Type of Tea: Oolong Tea

Country of Origin: Taiwan (Yunlin County)

Dry Leaf Appearance: Twisted, with tip

Liquor Appearance: Light Brown

Flavour profile: Light Peach Blossom, sweet honey, fruity


Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty (Dong Fang Mei Ren) is an Oolong Tea which is regarded as the most complex type of tea.  Oolong’s can either be more like a green tea or more like a black tea. Oriental Beauty would be more likened to a black tea although is not as dark. It produces a smooth cup with layers of depth and flavour.

When plucked only the shoots with one bud and two top leaves are carefully picked. For every 600g of Oriental Beauty, four thousand leaf and bud sets are required. Other high quality teas like, Silver Needle only require one thousand.  This oolong is grown in the high mountains of Taiwan which ensures a unique taste and a very good quality leaf. The leaves are twisted with silvery streaks giving it unique white tips.

It is harvested in the spring/summer months. The oxidisation of this tea is meticulously controlled which help to gives the tea an indulgent sweetness. Little green leaf grasshoppers also nibble on the leaves resulting in the sweet (almost honey) taste the tea has. Gardens that produce Oriental Beauty can never spray their tea plants because it is the grasshopper that creates this magical blend. The grass hopper visits for around two weeks in summer. If the grass hoppers were not to appear, Oriental Beauty as we know it would not exist. Oriental Beauty has a very aromatic flavour and is one of Taiwan’s most distinctive oolongs.


Benefits of enjoying an oolong..

Apart from their amazing complex tastes, oolongs may help to strengthen the immune system and aid digestion. They make a perfect Afternoon Treat.

Oriental Beauty Loose Leaf Tea

How to enjoy Oriental Beauty

We would suggest that you enjoy most oolongs without food and Oriental Beauty is no exception. Oriental Beauty is in a league of its own. It is best enjoyed when re-brewed. We think it is at its best during the second and third brew. We use our traditional gaiwans to brew this tea with care. It is definitely one to take your time with and to treasure.

To Brew: Brew at 90 degrees for 3 minutes with each brew lasting for shorter amount of time (drop about 20 seconds per brew). If brewing in Gaiwan brew at 90 degrees for 60 seconds and drop about 10 seconds per brew.

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