Introducing our new Tea Latte range


From Friday 22nd of June we will officially be adding three new tea lattes to our Limited Edition menu in our Frederick Street Tea Room. Our leaf tea experts have worked on mixing up these new lattes and making sure that they taste as great as they will make you feel.

The three new tea lattes that we can’t wait to start making:

  1. Royal Earl Grey & Activated Charcoal Latte
  2. Chilli Rooibos Turmeric Latte
  3. Pink Chai Beetroot Latte

All three of these lattes can offer a range of health benefits. Read about these below.


Royal Earl Grey & Activated Charcoal Latte

eteaket royal earl grey charcoal tea latte

Activated charcoal is said to help whiten teeth, alleviate bloating, help your digestive system cleanse and help clear skin of impurities. Charcoal has long been used as a way to treat alcohol poising which makes this latte a great option after a hard night.

Activated Charcoal isn’t the only star in this latte. Our Royal Earl Grey has plenty to shout about. The citrus extract in earl grey can help induce weight loss. When citrus is ingested, calories are broken down into food for your muscles or they are released through the natural metabolic process instead of waiting around waiting to turn into fat. Earl grey can also help fight anxiety and depression, help digestion and help your skin stay looking healthy.*



Chilli Rooibos Turmeric Latte

eteaket Chilli Rooibos Turmeric Latte

Turmeric has been used for centuries as a spice as well as in ancient Ayurvedic healing. Curcumin, which is a compound found in turmeric, is proven to have anti-inflammatory powers. Inflammation in short bursts is very important in helping repair damage and protect the body from foreign invaders but long term or chronic inflammation can have negative effects. It is believed that chronic inflammation now plays a part in ever western chronic disease. Turmeric can be a natural way to get the correct amount of Curcumin and stay healthy. Turmeric can also help increase the anti-oxidant count in your body, may help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Chilli Rooibos is naturally decaffeinated so it is the perfect alternative for people who are sensitive to caffeine or just fancy a break! Rooibos in naturally high in antioxidants. The US department of Agriculture in Washington has confirmed that Red Rooibos can reduce cancer, heart disease, prevent premature ageing and other serious conditions including helping asthmatics relive symptoms.* We are not messing around, this is a serious power combo!



Pink Chai Beetroot Latte

eteaket Pink Chai Beetroot Latte

This latte almost definitely tastes better then the canned beetroot that nana used to give you. Beetroot is incredibly good for you. It is said to help lower blood pressure, promote liver detoxification, prevent anemia, boost brain power, increase stamina and energy levels.

Our Bollywood Dreams Chai also contains powerful ingredients including chicory root which in a 2015 medical review was shown to help detoxify the liver by protecting it from damage by chemical induced free-radicals.*



We are very excited to launch our new range of tea lattes and we will also be launching our new Cheese Tea. If you would like no know what cheese tea is please follow this link. Both of these will only be available at our Tea Room on 41 Fredrick Street.

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Sophie xx

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