Learn to read your own tea leaves

Learn to read your own tea leaves

Back by popular demand – your chance how to learn to read your tea leaves.

Ever gaze at the bottom of a cup to see the patterns that form from the left over tea-leaves? The different leaves that fall and the dust that gathers around has intrigued Psychic’s from Russel Grant to Mystic Meg for many years. It is said that the collection of these leaves can accurately predict the future, using the shapes and patterns that are formed not only in the base of the cup, but the saucer also.

eteaket has teamed up with experienced tea leaf reader Lauren to offer you the chance to learn to read your own tea leaves. Lauren has visited eteaket before with impressive results and with over 8 years of experience under her belt you’ll be in good hands.

The next event is on Tuesday 18 May, 6.30 to 9.30pm. It costs £19.99 per person and includes tea and scones.

Please email hello@eteaket.co.uk to register your interest. Thanks!

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